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  1. If I were Mitch McConnell, I would start scheduling legislation in January and take the trial off the books. The closer it gets to Super Tuesday, it hurts the Democratic senators running for President. As the Democrats believe, every day Trump is in office he is conspiring with foreign powers to interfere in the 2020 election.
  2. Waco University heads down I-35 to northern Austin suburbs.
  3. It’s Prosper Rock Hill. Prosper is 6A. Where have all the wheat fields gone?
  4. My prediction of District 5 to 9. District 5 Aledo Arlington Seguin Burleson Corsicana Crandall Ennis Everman Joshua District 6 Dallas Adamson Dallas Conrad Dallas Hillcrest Dallas Jefferson Dallas Kimball Dallas Seagoville Dallas South Oak Cliff Dallas Spruce District 7 Carolltown Creekview Denison Frisco Frisco Lebanon Trail Frisco Memorial Lake Dallas Lucas Lovejoy Prosper Rock Hill District 8 Forney Greenville Mesquite Pote
  5. Winner - Highland Park - the “HP 5A Cutoff” lives another realignment.
  6. Boy makes the UT loss to LSU looks pale in comparison. Poor season for both schools.
  7. Texas and A&M have historically been connected to each other. But one school unilaterally decided it was in their best interest to terminate the relationship. A&M’s new rival is LSU and Texas still has its rivalry with OU. Baylor, TCU, & Tech all view Texas as their rival (even though that view is not reciprocated). It is nice they get to play Texas during rivalry week. My only suggestion is the game should be played in Austin on a biennial basis.
  8. Texas High needs to be in an 8 team district for scheduling purposes.
  9. Independence 45 T-High 30 Congrats to the Knights. Texas High played tough the first half. Independence’s QB hurt the Tigers with his legs. Several times he made big plays on 4th downs. Tigers did a good job controlling the the Knights passing attack, only to have Braxton make plays with his legs. Congrats to the Tigers on a nice season. Study hard in class as your education is the greatest asset you have for your future. By the way, Independence had a decent following.
  10. I did and I never posted on the thread, so not sure how I mocked you as you claimed. I personally don’t care for individuals attributing untruths about me. As to the “conspiracy”, at least three posters appear to have interpreted what you said as saying “TISD was going to do anything to be 5A Div 2.” As a CEO, I am sure you understand how one’s choice of words can be damaging. Good day.
  11. Refresh your memory on what you said and still awaiting a retraction on attributing something I never did.
  12. 1. Not what you said in your post. 2. Yes, one can take what you said was a conspiracy by the aforementioned “hired help”.
  13. I think WM fan base was so small was because they appeared to bring a “pep band” (appeared to be 25 -30 in band), that did not march. I hope for the game atmosphere, Independence brings a crowd.
  14. Suspect you are correct, but a friendly reminder from accommodating hosts.
  15. Message to Frisco fans. Not sure how well you will travel. But if you are expecting a large contingent, might consider parking at high school and taking the bus to the game. It is a convenient service TISD provides.
  16. Independence has a 9-2 record with one loss by forfeit, so on the field 10-1. One true loss was to #1 Frisco Lone Star 63-14. They appear to have a good dual threat QB who has passed for 3054 and run for 626. So it appears the first key is getting “controlled pressure” on him. They have gained 2549 rushing with the top rusher (Orr) has 838 yards. Top receiver (Wafer) has 1228 yards. They appear to have a potent offense and an average defense. Texas High should be able to score, but the key is whether the defense can make some stops.
  17. It all started prior to the LSU game....claiming to be DBU. Injuries aside, they play soft. Only saw Jake Smith once.
  18. Was my thoughts. Looked like he had equal rights to ball.
  19. Thanks, did not make the trip. It sounded like both teams played hard. Lufkin needs to keep its head high. If we move down in classification, hopefully the powers can schedule a pre-district series.
  20. Region 2 of 5A Div 1 is the only Region with two teams from each district advancing to the area round.
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