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  1. 6 hours ago, Rabbs63 said:

    This is one of my favorite weeks in college football, rivalry week.  A majority of of the bigger D1 schools have a rivalry game this week except Texas.  It’s time to stop the madness and bring back the A&M/UT game during Thanksgiving week.  Enough is enough.  UT vs TT just doesn’t bring the excitement!

    Texas and A&M have historically been connected to each other. But one school unilaterally decided it was in their best interest to terminate the relationship. A&M’s new rival is LSU and Texas still has its rivalry with OU.  Baylor, TCU, & Tech all view Texas as their rival (even though that view is not reciprocated).  It is nice they get to play Texas during rivalry week. My only suggestion is the game should be played in Austin on a biennial basis.

  2. 8 hours ago, Mavchamp said:

    Oh trust me.... I understand.  Scheduling has always a problem for us.

    There was a reason we had those games all the way in Monroe Vs. Ouachita and Neville.  Hell...we even had Forth Smith Arkansas before.... went to the Hootens kickoff in Little Rock once.   Shadow Creek?  Cypress Creek?  Yeah.... it's always been tough when you are a border town like Texarkana and Marshall.

    If we don't end up in Texarkana's district.... I'd love to see a non-district game born.

  3. Independence 45 T-High 30

    Congrats to the Knights. Texas High played tough the first half. Independence’s QB hurt the Tigers with his legs. Several times he made big plays on 4th downs. Tigers did a good job controlling the the Knights passing attack, only to have Braxton make plays with his legs.

    Congrats to the Tigers on a nice season. Study hard in class as your education is the greatest asset you have for your future. 

    By the way, Independence had a decent following.

  4. 1 hour ago, Slimbodine said:

    I'm CEO of my families company and I'm very busy.  Don't have all day to spend playing on the internet.  However,  I mentioned that with all the layoffs in the Texarkana area recently don't be surprised to see TH drop to D-2.  Then Sirius Dogpatch replied that the only layoffs were at RRAD and they would not effect enrollment at THS.  I came back and replied to look at all the empty buildings in Texarkana and that it looks like a ghost town.  I mentioned the Pier 1 building that has been empty forever off the top of my head.  You replied with sarcasm a blazing that "Wow,  that Pier 1 building sure makes a big difference in enrollment" or something like that.  Well,  that and all the other empty buildings in your town sure add up.  He stated that the enrollment at THS was the same as Longview and Tyler Lee.  Yeah right.  You can look it up,  maybe last February.

    I did and I never posted on the thread, so not sure how I mocked you as you claimed. I personally don’t care for individuals attributing untruths about me. 

    As to the “conspiracy”, at least three posters appear to have interpreted what you said as saying “TISD was going to do anything to be 5A Div 2.” As a CEO, I am sure you understand how one’s choice of words can be damaging. Good day.

  5. On 11/11/2019 at 9:59 AM, Slimbodine said:

    As far as Texas High dropping down to D-2.  Last February I spent a few days in Texarkana and talked with some folks I know in administration and the principle of THS.  They all told me back then there was NO WAY they were staying in that Mesquite district.  Getting back on trips at 2 and 3 in the morning had a lot of parents POed.  I remember being told "Whatever it took" to get back to east Texas.  I mentioned this on Smoaky and with some of the larger businesses having some large layoffs that they would drop to d-2.  I remember being mocked by Bordertown and that village idiot,  Sirius radio or whatever his stupid name is.  Guess what?  I was right.  This was in the works since they were placed in that district.  They may not admit to it but that is the way it was.

    Refresh your memory on what you said and still awaiting a retraction on attributing something I never did.

  6. 4 hours ago, Slimbodine said:

    ......... And trust me,  I was not told this by the hired help in TISD.  ....... Nobody said a word about "conspiracy" except you.  ........

    1. Not what you said in your post.

    2. Yes, one can take what you said was a conspiracy by the aforementioned “hired help”.

  7. 13 minutes ago, txk85 said:

    i bet 2 weeks ago there weren't 50 wm fans at texas high. i had always heard about dfw schools not traveling well but that was even less than expected.

    I think WM fan base was so small was because they appeared to bring a “pep band” (appeared to be 25 -30 in band), that did not march. I hope for the game atmosphere, Independence brings a crowd.

  8. Independence has a 9-2 record with one loss by forfeit, so on the field 10-1. One true loss was to #1 Frisco Lone Star 63-14. They appear to have a good dual threat QB who has passed for 3054 and run for 626. So it appears the first key is getting “controlled pressure” on him. They have gained 2549 rushing with the top rusher (Orr) has 838 yards. Top receiver (Wafer) has 1228 yards. They appear to have a potent offense and an average defense. Texas High should be able to score, but the key is whether the defense can make some stops.

  9. Boy, I guess THS should apologize for messing up everyone’s party last night. Was I surprised? Yes. Did I think the Tigers would get donkey stomped? No. For the JT fans, at the end of district I firmly believe the Tigers were the 3rd best team and JT was the 5th or 6th best team (with Sherman 4th). We entered the season without a quarterback. The coaches convinced Cellers (a pitcher) to convert from wide receiver. When he was not eligible, his legs and Webster (wr) were taken out out the game plan. Opposing teams only had to stop Cooper. The last 4 games the team has progressed each week and it seems the young men have developed confidence.

    Congrats to the Tiger players and coaches on a game well played. You deserve the respect.

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