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  1. Open week......lol.....
  2. Go be a nuisance at the court house......lol
  3. No....that's why I stopped debating and just started calling them what they are over 15 years ago.....dimnuts are all liars.......
  4. FTL isn't possible with our current knowledge.....God however hasn't limited our capacity to learn and grow........
  5. That's the libnut narrative.......
  6. In Our Spare Time--- Robert F. Turner Dan Shipley did the expected fine work with Plain Talk during my trip to Australia — as you readers know. In fact, a few more months like that and I'll discover how unnecessary I am to this operation. Thanks to him, and to Dee Bowman and Jim Ward, for their good articles. I have never worked with one I respected more than Dan S. Shipley — and that ain't "ministerially speaking" either. But "home" is onto a brief rest stop on the way to another year of work, the Lord willing. 1978 meetings begin with a Jan. 22-27 appointment at O'Connor's Rd., San Antonio, TX. Before some of you get this I will also be with Woodlawn in San Antonio, Feb. 3-10, and with Spring Branch in Houston, Feb. 12-17. We will have a few days home, then off to Easley, S.C.; Mar. 5-10 Bradenton, Fla., Mar. 12-17; Embry Hills in Atlanta, Ga., Mar. 19-24; Dyersburg, Tenn., Mar. 26 -31; Summerhill Rd. in Texarkana, TX, Apr. 2-7; Magnolia, Ark., Apr. 9-I-1; Southside in Fort Smith, Ark., Apr. 16-21; Raymore, Mo., Apr. 23-28. If we can still wiggle and speak, we may spend two weeks in Ontario, Canada; at Sundridge, May 7-12; and at a yet undesignated place. After a few days home we go to Lewisville, TX, June 1-9; and to Las Cruces, N.M., June 14-23. A July debate on institutionalism has been in the mill for some time, but seems to be stalemated. If it does not develop I have promised some time at Richardson, TX, or at Port Arthur, TX. In August it is Sweetwater, TX., I3-I8; and Clute, TX., Aug. 27-Sept. 1. Also have a meeting date in Tampa, Fla. (Temple Terrace), Sept. 10-15. On Oct. 1, I begin a Sunday-Friday engagement in Odessa, (Crescent Park); then go further west to Glendale, Ariz., Oct. 15-20; and into California to Fullerton, Oct. 22-27, We may have a short break then, before going to Armona, Nov. 5-10; Porterville, Nov. 12-17; Paso Robles, Nov. 19-24; Clovis, Nov. 26- Dec. 1; and finally to Antioch, Calif., Dec. 3-8. Brother Shipley's meetings are: in Mar., Sweetwater, TX.; Apr., Maryvale, Phoenix, Ariz.; and Ashford, Ariz. In May, Sparks, Nev.; June, Shelbyville, Penn.; July, Kerrville, TX.; Aug., in Hondo, TX.; and in Oct., Pecan Valley of San Antonio, TX. Sorry I can't give specific dates at this time, but you can see Dan is going to be busy. Throughout the year, Dan is on the radio each week (Burnet); and we both continue our PLAIN 'TALK writing.
  7. Week 6 is here....thanks to our committee.......
  8. The counties in RED have declared that an invasion of our Southern border is happening.... Proud to say Tyler County is one of them .....is your county on the list? If no, why aren't you at the courthouse raising Cain??????
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