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  1. New NBC show.....Jesse L. Martin stars.....nice to have a new show on finally.....first episode was good...... anybody else watch it???
  2. 2,000 years-old seeds discovered in 1963 inside an ancient jar in Israel. They were planted in 2005 and the tree that has been extinct for over 1,800 years were sprouted. Mathuselah which means tree sprouted backing 2005 when agriculture expert Solowey germinated this antique seed. It has been pulled from the remains of Masada, an ancient fortification perched on a rock plateau in Southern Israel. For awhile, the Judean date palm was the sole representative of its kind. Methuselah's variety was reportedly wiped out around 500 A.D. Credit and a huge respect to Sir David Attenborough Israel - Land of milk and honey
  3. Today in Hymn History, September 26 DIED: Frederick William Faber, 1863 age 49, Bromp­ton, Ken­sing­ton, Mid­dle­sex, UK, wrote "Faith of Our Fathers!" and verse 1 of "Father of Mercies." BORN: Carl Flentge Schalk, 1929 on Des Plaines, Illinois, music for "God of the Sparrow." DIED: William Gould Tomer, 1896 age 62 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, music for "God Be with You."
  4. @DannyZuco3-0 @Mr. P 2-1 @Stoney 2-1 @KirtFalcon 2-1 @topher805 2-1 @BlahBlah 1-2 @PepeSilvia 1-2 @Coach Rab 1-2 @RETIREDFAN1 1-2 @DaveTV1 0-3 For all our political forum followers......lol
  5. @Crawford this is on Hulu.....you might enjoy it....I sure did....
  6. That Washington Post whore was practically spitting at Texans while writing that crap......to her, it's hell.....to REAL TEXANS, let's buy even more......
  7. Unfortunately, with the quality of presidential talent in my lifetime, he's still at #2.....
  8. Yeah.....Reagan appointed a lotta libnuts......he was just another establishment tool after they shot him......
  9. 5th Circuit will put this libnut in his place on appeal......
  10. Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves reunites with his former partner turned fugitive Sam Tanner. They find themselves in a race against time as they track Jack Donner and his vicious gang of outlaws to the oil-rich town of Corsicana
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