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Status Updates posted by RETIREDFAN1

  1. Pitchers and catchers have reported......it won't be long now.....

  2. Good Riddance to the muslime in the White House.....BUILD THE WALL!!!!!!!!

  3. Bears @ TEXANS!!!!

  4. Getting time for some TEXANS FOOTBALL!!!!

  5. Chiefs @ TEXANS!!!!!

  6. Be sure to hold your elected representatives feet to the fire as Congress and the Texas Legislature are in session....

  7. Win out, Hope for help......Go TEXANS!!!!

  8. Showdown @ Indy.....GO TEXANS!!!!!!

  9. Gotta beat the Jaguars to keep our Playoff hopes alive......

  10. OK...let's see if fitzpatrick can beat the Titans twice......

  11. TEXANS win the AFC South if they win out.....

  12. Bengals @ TEXANS!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hopefully Mallett will get the TEXANS going against the Browns and we can turn this season around.....

  14. Maybe the TEXANS can get the offense straightened out during the BYE WEEK

  15. Eagles @ TEXANS........

  16. TEXANS @ Steelers on Monday Night Football!!!!

  17. GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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