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  1. https://www.wnd.com/2021/05/vaccine-passports-blasted-stealth-move-tyranny/
  2. https://www.wnd.com/2021/05/rock-superstar-rips-vaccine-propaganda-disastrous-reaction-covid-shot/
  3. Congrats to Sam Houston Institute of Technology on their big win......lol
  4. You just contradicted yourself in one post...typical btex.....boring and ignorant as usual......i won't waste another second of my time with you today.......
  5. Typical irrelevant babble as expected from You btex.....The Constitution, as intended by the founders, cleaned those things up itself.......
  6. You are the Light of the World In Matthew, we have all read and studied The Sermon on the Mount. Today I want us to focus on one thing that Jesus taught in that sermon. Matthew 5:14-16 In these verses, Jesus describes for us what our function is as God’s people. When we break it down to one word, we can see that our function as His children is influence. When we live by the principles of all of the previous beatitudes, we will have a huge influence on the world we live in. This does not mean we will have some great impact on government policy. It does not mean
  7. Vol.X No.IV Pg.4 June 1973 Do You Know God? Robert F. Turner What is it to KNOW the Lord? Most serious students of the Scriptures are aware that there are two words in the Greek for "know", and some interesting distinctions may be seen in Vine's Expository Dictionary or other word-study books. Clearly, there is more to "knowing" the Lord than having knowledge of His existence. Perception and appreciation are advanced stages of "knowing", and God may know or fail to know us, in the sense of approval or disapproval. (See JOH.14:7-9; MAT.7:23; 1JO.2:3-6) One does not really
  8. Vol.X No.IV Pg.3 June 1973 Renewing The Mind Dan S. Shipley In NT writings sinners are often referred to as men with reprobate minds (ROM.1:28) corrupt minds (1TI.6:5), defiled minds (TIT.1:15) and as men that "walk in the vanity of their mind" (EPH.4:17). In COL.1:21 Paul reminds some that they were in times past "alienated and enemies in your mind". Such minds reflect wrong attitudes. They show dispositions of hostility and antagonism toward God and the things of God. Making the transition from sinner to saint involves changing such minds and altering such attitudes.
  9. https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/solar-system/a36343431/three-body-problem-solved/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab&utm_content=algorithm
  10. Don't look like Israel is gonna be allowing that to happen again......
  11. no....they should transition from defense to an offensive assault on the terrorist scumbags......
  12. Vol.X No.IV Pg.2 June 1973 State Of The Union Robert F. Turner How is the church getting along? Perhaps because we travel a lot, this is a frequent question. The interest is understandable, and commendable; even though it may reveal a church-hood concept at times. Brethren have a common interest and like to communicate with one another. Isolated churches need encouragement and assurance, to share joys and sorrows. This was once the role of brotherhood papers —each with its sphere of influence —and despite commercial rivalries, personal bickerings and special doctrina
  13. Nobody outside of DC or the media gives a Damn what those establishment stooges say or do......
  14. Change that rebel flag to an Antifa one and you won't even get arrested......
  15. It's a cartoon.....lol....should check it out.....
  16. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/05/13/watch-desantis-to-pardon-gym-owners-others-resisting-covid-19-rules/
  17. https://www.wnd.com/2021/05/whatever-want-software-manipulate-totals-found-voting-machines-lawyer-says/
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