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  1. II Kings 2

    By: Jim Crews


    II Kings 2: 1 - 8

    Elijah and Elisha were walking. Elijah asked Elisha to remain while he continued on. Elisha would not. They both knew that God would be taking Elijah that day, as was verified when the sons of the prophets told Elisha and he said he already knew. Elijah asked him two more times to stay behind, but Elisha would not. They ended up at the Jordan with a group of 50 sons of the prophets with them. Elijah struck the Jordan with his cloak and it opened up so that he and Elisha could go across on dry land. 


    II Kings 2: 9 - 12a

    Elijah asked Elisha what he would want from him before God took him. Elisha said a double portion of his spirit on him. Elijah said if Elisha saw him being taken, this would happen. If he did not see Elijah being taken, it would not happen. As they continued on, chariots and horses of fire separated them, and Elijah went up in a whirlwind into heaven. Elisha saw this happen.


    II Kings 2: 12b - 14

    Elisha tore his own clothes in two. He took Elijah’s cloak and struck the Jordan, which dried up for him to walk across on dry land. 


    II Kings 2: 15 - 18

    The 50 sons of the prophets met Elisha and accepted him as their leader. They asked him several times if he wanted them to search for Elijah. He finally told them to do it, knowing they would not find him. After searching for 3 days, they returned. Elisha told them he had said they wouldn’t find Elijah. 


    II Kings 2: 19 - 22

    The men of the city told Elisha that their water was bad. Elisha healed the well through the power God had given to him. 


    II Kings 2: 23 - 25

    Elisha was heading to Bethel when some boys came out taunting him about being bald. When he turned and saw them, he cursed them. Forty-two of them were killed by two she-bears. Elisha continued his journey. 


  2. Vol.X No.VII Pg.1
    September 1973

    Sin Is "Against God"

    Robert F. Turner

    If you steal my rifle, you will do me a grave injustice. Realizing this, you may decide to return the rifle and ask my forgiveness. You may throw in a new scope to make me happy, but you have not paid your just dues.

    Perhaps you think I mean your debt to society. Well, we have obligations to our fellowmen, and the courts may exact a fine, or place you in jail for stealing the rifle. But you could completely satisfy me, wipe clean the records of the court, and still fail the obligations of justice. In fact, we have not yet given consideration to the primary matter.

    In the initial act of stealing the rifle you not only did me an injustice, you not only sinned against our society -- far more important, you failed your intended purpose and rejected the authority of your Maker. You have sinned against God! This is the fundamental factor in sin, yet it is the part very often ignored -- both in recognizing sin, and in "making things right". God existed prior to society, and deserves the prior consideration. All sin is against God! David got right to the point when he prayed, "Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done that which is evil in thy sight" (PSA.51:4). On this basis God was just in condemning and David looked to God for forgiveness. We need many Davids today.

    Christ has the prodigal son confess, "Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight." (LUK.15:21). The order is significant. Twice this statement is made in the parable, and always, "against heaven" first. How differently we might look upon our sins if this order would prevail.

    Paul says "godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death" (2CO.7:10). It is not enough that we "regret" (see AS) our sins. Such regrets may stem from getting caught. Our sorrow must be in recognition of our failure before God, and our turning in keeping with His will. It is this concept of sin that makes us aware of its depth, and of our complete dependence upon God for forgiveness. Next time you sin don't "look out" -- LOOK UP".

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