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  1. Will take a 30+ point win for $5000 Alex. Q: This team is in the lead for the B12 basketball. A: Who are the Texas Longhorns?
  2. Agree. But from the immortal words of Fred Akers, "A win is a win is a win".
  3. Bummer. I was looking forward to going to Morgantown for an away game. I have always enjoyed traveling up there. The scenery is spectacular driving up there. Met some WVU alumni up there a few years ago and we still keep in touch and tailgate together at each respective home game.
  4. This does not apply to QBs getting hit these days with the "targeting" rule. If you look at a QB wrong you will get penalized.
  5. This is the classic getting out while the getting is good. Dykes inherited a veteran team so Riley had something to work with. Not so much next year as many will be moving on.
  6. I am not saying that he will be the next savior. What I am saying is that he is highly ranked as one of the highest ever by people that do that for a living. Throw in his name as part of the factor if you like. I do not follow recruiting, as I have historically stated on this site, because until a football player of any star status has proven themselves they are all only relying on potential. I am only calling to attention your observations that goes against the general consensus of his ranking, hence his β€œgreatness”. Every program Have stars that flameout.
  7. Why am I not surprised. Based upon what is known or assumed at this time: College football world: Manning is great. Wetsu: He is not great.
  8. Well aware of this. He has spurned two big-name programs. Not sure if another big-name program will give him another go, hence the lesser programs comment.
  9. We will see what Dykes can do next year after losing so many experienced kids on the field. Heck, he chose the wrong QB to start the season. An injury led Duggan to being QB1 again.
  10. Lesser programs will take a chance on him because of his talent and, where they can, will look the other way as needed. Rinse and repeat.
  11. Yep. Half the people in the world are stupid. The other half are questionable at best!
  12. Was able to attend in person and catch the last 9 games. Had a great time. Met some interesting people and had good discussions. A bit disappointed in the lopsidedness of most of the games. Incredible talent out there that is for sure. Since I had no emotional or physical connection with any team it was enjoyable to just sit and watch and admire the skill of the players and the emotions shown. Also really enjoyed observing the different fan bases and the passion for the sport and their teams. Looking forward to doing it all over again next year.
  13. I believe this is number 4. They won one when I was a student there in 88.
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