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  1. Looks like the Hallsville boys will have a chance to exact some revenge for the Hallsville girl's team as Barbers Hill won their semi game too.
  2. Interesting note: Barbers Hill and Hallsville also had their softball teams repped at State too. The Barbers Hill girls beat Hallsville and went on to win state. Hopefully the Hallsville boys will win and then potentially have a bit of a revenge game for the Ladycats should Barbers Hill win their game as well. A nice setup for a Championship game.
  3. Hallsville girl’s softball falls to Barbers Hill in the State Tournament in Austin. Congratulations on another fine season. Such consistency. The Hallsville Bobcats Baseball team has punched their ticket to State as well. Like the softball team, what other program in ET would you want to play for?
  4. There have been a lot transferring to USC including Ingram from Texas/Carthage. Interested in seeing how they all do.
  5. Had to google the slang as to what kids say. Middle aged male interpretation: Wow, they looks really nice. Not gonna lie, that is miles ahead of anything I ever played on.
  6. You picked a poor example. Your premise was that too many carries in HS ruined Gray for the collegiate level. Earl was just fine in college. What did Earl in was his style of play. He would run through you instead of around you and would not run out of bounds to avoid a hit. Not too many do that today. What also damaged Earl was playing on a horrible turf for the Oilers.
  7. How was Gray run into the ground? Gray suffered a significant injury while in college. Gray’s lack of collegiate success was not, IMO, attributed to excessive high school carries. Since just one negative was sourced here, how do you attribute Cedric Benson’s success at Texas after he was the alpha dog at Midland?
  8. Money, the root of all evil. With colleges offering athletes scholarships early in their HS career this has a possibility to become a trend. So much for playing for the love of the game. It is all a business today hedging on potential only. Imagine trying to sell this proposal on Shark Tank. “Hello, my name is XYZ, I am 17 years old and I will be the next NFL star. I am asking for a $100,000 scholarship based upon my performance as a sophomore and junior in high school against high school competition. I am foregoing my senior year to protect your investment. Who is with me?” Cuban: N
  9. Yep, wondered who would get the reference. It went quick!
  10. What happened to the Mavs bats? I wouldn’t think that the Bobcats’ pitching was that good particularly this year.
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