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  1. All that Colt did was win games with his limited talent. He has been in the NFL for longer than the average player.
  2. I do not follow closely recruiting other than the headlines. I have stated my reasons on here previously as to why. My bigger concern is what is the staff doing with the kids that do arrive on campus. IMO a big issue is cultural. Or better yet, entitlement. These 4 or 5 stars arrive on campus with the remembrance of what they just accomplished in high school to attain these stars. This is independent of how the stars are awarded. Most likely these kids did not consistently line up against equal to or better talent. It came easy to them. The work ethic eludes them. You would assume that this elitism attitude would be generally prevalent at other schools that consistently recruit highly decorated players. Which leads me to my next point... Coaching. The previous unseccessful staffs have done little to change the complacency attitude of "We're Texas" give us the win. Saban runs a tight ship. His players generally conform to his expectations. Why do you think that Patterson was run out at TCU? Because he would not coddle the players. He was too "old school". Patterson, Snyder (KSU) and Campbell (ISU) did more with less than just about any other program in the nation. Talent evaluation. The coaching staff just looked at the number of stars and not the intangibles. What made Colt McCoy so valuable? It was not entirely his athletic ability. He had the "it" factor. While Sam had the "it" factor there just wasn't other talent around him that had "it" either to make a big difference. Vince Young willed his teams to win and others had enough gumption to fall in and give it their all as well. Player development. How many Texas guys have gone UDFA oe late rounds and have made the NFL roster? Plenty. They were not coached up properly or simply were not used correctly in the previous coaching staffs. Has Texas had the talent on campus to be elite? Most likely but the combination of cultural entitlement and the lack of "coaching them up" have all proportionately contributed to the lack of success. Will Sark change all of that? We will see. Optimistic but cautious.
  3. "Texas is back" should read "Is Texas back".
  4. Pay them, bribe them, legitimately recruit them, whatever it takes these days. Of course these are only committments right now of high school stars of unproven collegiate talent. Some may not sign. Some will. Some will stay. Some will go. Some will become college stars. Others will not. A select few will make it to the NFL. Most will not. While the recruiting is making news I am holding out for the good news of these kids stringing a bunch of wins together. Win or lose will still be a Horns supporter. Still holding out hope for a good season.
  5. I will reserve my excitement for once he is on campus. I will not show too much physical emotion until he wins a game. Will also have to caution myself as well that he only plays offense, and while there are plenty of skill players potentially at his disposal, he will need a wall of big uglies to be successful.
  6. As a Texas alum and fan I would prefer a meteor strike taking us all out than losing to either OU or A&M in any sport. SInce the likelihood of that happeneing I would rather lose to OU than A&M. Reason? I respect OU more. And, OU is a rival.
  7. Texas was just never the same after Witt went down. There were brief flashes of a good team but never the dominant team as leading into the season. The Aggies strung it all together at the right time.
  8. I do not agree with this statement. It just so happens that Texas is known for more than just baseball. If SFA were to have been to half of the CWS and had won multiple NC’s in baseball, then yes, I believe that Vegas would have them as the “favorites”.
  9. If most kids don’t care about NIL and go to the schools because of winning, tradition, culture, making it to the NFL, etc., then Saban should not have anything to worry about.
  10. Is he part of the regular rotation?
  11. Simple. Lack of player development. There have been a few that were UDFA's of late that have gone on to do well in the league.
  12. Yes, my bad. The ‘83 season the ‘84 class. You all know what I meant!!!
  13. The rich kids having a bit of fun.
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