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  1. Sounds like the Jordan Shipley plan while he was at Texas. Seemed like he was there forever. And...did you know that Shipley's dad and McCoy's dad were college roommates?!
  2. Texas was too soft on some of the easy baskets right under the goal. They failed to go up with authority. They took the pass underneath and did a couple of head fakes allowing the defense to collapse around them before they finally tried to take it up. The missed 1 and 1 near the end of regulation for Texas was the nail in the coffin that prevented Texas from finishing them off.
  3. I would suspect that there is some type of contract that exists however, it seems at this point, that they may be loosely worded or not enforceable. I would also hazard to guess that moving forward that the money people will become more savvy and put more strict provisions and or conditions in the contracts to restrict the mercenary traits of the current system.
  4. I get this. But, there are some that are starters at their present school but are looking to transfer elsewhere. Example, Sanders, the QB at Oklahoma State. Some of these I do not understand unless they believe that they can get more NIL money somewhere else. And, like some on here like to argue, it takes time for some of these pieces to play together before it all begins to gel as a unit.
  5. Not sure who whines more, Sonny Dykes or Matt Campbell at ISU.
  6. Yes, aware of his presence down low but still surprised at the long quick 3s in lieu of working for a more manageable 2. All gas no brakes.
  7. I am still amazed at how many quick 3s Texas was putting up too. Being up 11 or so late I would have expected them to work it more inside for a better shot selection. I guess that is how the game is played these days.
  8. Storming the field is a "thing" now sprinkled in with the few "legit" (TN/Bama) reasons to storm the field.
  9. Operative words here are โ€œyou canโ€. Does it mean โ€œIโ€ can or will? Time will tell.
  10. Ewers should not throw another pass this entire game.
  11. Sark panics....gets away from the run too quickly. That last Baylor score is on him for not controlling the clock on the previous possession with passing on first down. He has Bijan, RoJo, Keilan, Brooks at his disposal.
  12. Going to be one of those games. A dropped Pick 6 for Texas.
  13. Came here to post the same thing. The made Gonzaga look bad and out of sync.
  14. What is crazy about TCU is that Duggan was not the starter earlier in the year.
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