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  1. Back in 1982, my sophomore year, we played Liberty Eylau which at the time were much better than we were. We ran the 4 Corner Stall as our offense the whole game just to keep the ball away. We still lost.
  2. For me, the jury is still out on Baxter. Certainly the potential is there and there are flashes where he runs hard. He did get better with his determination as the year went on but I am a bit concerned with his overall "toughness". I am not sure what his pain management level is. I noticed during the UW game, when he pulled up lame late in the game on the far sideline, one of the coaches was really into his ear as they walked back across the field. From the looks of the expression from the coach he was telling Baxter to "suck it up".
  3. The women completely dominated Nebraska particularly after the “red card” event. The Nebraska coach saw it and really did not even try to stop it. He knew that he was beat after the first set.
  4. Another pretty good running back, Eric Dickerson, wore specs.
  5. SIAP. Is 3 Tate for Gilmer getting any looks from any colleges?
  6. Mart has been defeated since late in the 2Q. Their body language speaks volumes. Glad you mentioned the injury to the Mart QB, otherwise it would be a very “meh” performance. Mart needs to get the edges as their interior run game is suffering.
  7. I will be there Thursday through Saturday. I actually cut a business trip short to Tucson, Arizona to be back in time for Thursday’s games. I typically fly in and out of Shreveport airport but elected to fly in and out of DFW for this trip so I can just stay in Dallas upon my arrival. I am on the flight now from Tucson.
  8. Yes, that is true as they do a state wide seeding. Plus multiple levels of play. It is a “small” enough state that travel is not that big of a detriment. At least Louisiana tries to ensure that the best teams make it to state without canceling each other out in the early rounds.
  9. Try explaining the different classes sizes and then D1 and D2 to people from out of state. I get a lot of blank stares. Going back to the early to mid 80s Hallsville was consistent in baseball with 20 plus win seasons.
  10. Need to add Hallsville to the strong baseball list. Can be left off for all other boys sports for the most part with the occasional uprising. The girls volleyball and softball will remain top notch in the district.
  11. This is a myopic take on this game. If the quality of the game is in question then the vast majority of football played would fall into this category as there are countless high schools, junior high, semi-pro, etc. that play “bad” football. This game is not just for our entertainment. The guys that are playing in this game probably understand their lot in life is that they will not be playing in the NFL. For the most part they have made a commitment to serve our nation and this is their shining moment to be recognized by the sport. I certainly would not tell any of them that their game is a “time waste” as I value my health.
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