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  1. Is this really a reaction to rain in the forecast, or is rain just a convenient excuse to get an extra day of playoff preparation???
  2. I am an 8 5A-D2 guy - Texas High. October is here and it's time to start watching the adjoining district for how the first round playoff matchups may fall. I see that the pre-season picks were Lovejoy, Crandall, Melissa and Denison making the playoffs in that order. Is that still the consensus opinion? Over in district 8 most folks will agree that Texas High, Hallsville and Marshall will likely be 3 of the 4. Who will be the fourth? I have no idea.
  3. That 2002 Texas High state championship was incredibly good. Yet, they went into Mt. Pleasant and got beat. I was there. Nothing "fluky" happened. No snap over the punter's head. No horrible officiating miscue. No tipped ball touchdown. MP just lined up and beat a state championship quality football team. The 2022 Tigers are really good. Some say there is no way MP could possibly beat them this year. Not me.
  4. Mavchamp, I think LoboFan07 picked up on the minor error, but Texas High's opponent this week is Benton, La. rather than Benton, Ark.
  5. What a murderer's row for the Tigers to open with. Scrimmage at Longview. Opener against Frisco Lone Star who is one of the top teams in 5A, Div.I, and then get another of DFW's top teams Colleyville Heritage who was 12-2 last year. I have to think that Lone Star is the favorite in this game, but Coach Stanford and staff will have the Tigers ready to battle.
  6. It is great for Texas High to get the opportunity to have their pre-season scrimmage against a strong, talented, physical team like the Longview Lobos. It pays dividends all season long. That's especially true this year with the Tigers opening the season playing up a classification or two with Frisco Lone Star and Colleyville Heritage. I wish the Lobos good luck in the season ahead.
  7. Mavchamp, according to the Texarkana Gazette article on the Texas High - Sulphur Springs game after the Tigers' 1-0 win their district record is 6-2 and the overall record is 13-6. You may want to plug the overall record into your standings table.
  8. I think I'll add this string of insider knowledge posts about who chose not to play who to the long list of very questionable "in the know" posts you find on fan forums. I am really quite skeptical of comments that PG wanted to play TH, but Stanford said no, or TH wanted to play PG, but Gibson said no.
  9. Coach Stanford has tweeted out Texas High's non-district slate: Scrimmage Longview Week 1 at Frisco Lone Star Week 2 neutral - Colleyville Heritage Week 3 at Benton, LA Week 4 Tyler Legacy
  10. Texas High and Highland Park matched up several times in first round playoff games. The negotiations between Barry Norton and Randy Allen turned out to be as much fun as the games. Norton was adamant that Tyler - Rose was the only reasonable neutral for the two teams. Allen tried to convince Norton that SMU was an appropriate neutral. Norton wouldn't agree. They agreed to flip between HP's chosen neutral (SMU) and Texas High's chosen neutral. Allen assumed that Norton's chosen neutral would be TMF Rose, but Norton said that Rose would only be the "agreed neutral" for the two teams. If it was going to be a flip, then Texas High's neutral was Independence Stadium in Shreveport (after giving consideration to Eddie Robinson Stadium in Grambling, La.). Texas High won the flip that year and went on to pretty easy win in Shreveport.
  11. This Texas High fan says GO DRAGONS !!!!!!!!!
  12. Dotcom, what you say from personal experience is consistent with everything I am seeing online. Lots of glowing praise for Coach Codutti. Great to see another of example of a really good coach, who is a really good man, doing great things for kids and teaching life lessons along the way.
  13. That's my suspicion as well. Coaches of the favored team often look ahead to the next round, and try to preserve a possible advantage in the second round by getting an extra day preparation and the opportunity to scout the next round's opponent.
  14. Will be interested to see Fulshear. This will be their first playoff game ever. Coach Codutti is an interesting guy who played a little pro ball. Refers to his offense as the "Wide Shoot". Wide zone run game. Passing game based on Run and Shoot concepts. He says he puts his best athletes on the OL and they run the program. OL picks out equipment first. OL eats first. OL runs the team. They learn to block their wide zone against any imaginable defensive front. Texas High's strength is a disruptive DL that has overwhelmed some offenses. Should be a fun matchup to watch.
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