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  1. Chapel Hill isn't even open and why would he leave Big Sandy?
  2. Rusk is going to win the district. Canton and Bullard for 4th spot Friday.
  3. When is the last time Gilmer lost 3 in a row?
  4. Yup cousin's on his mother's side. Holiday dinners include a white board next to the dinner table!
  5. Last time these 2 teams will play at the original Tomato Bowl, the Indians will be up for this game. Jacksonville 24-14.
  6. Mike Owens wasn't even there with this supt. Mike Owens left because of graduation......he knew he wasn't going to stay long.
  7. Does it really matter about if the charges where dropped? Was arrested for putting his hands on a woman. Quit sugar coating it, something happened and people are just trying to dismiss this like it ok. Not someone that I would want to lead my my kids. Blows my mind that a school is just accepting this and cannot find anyone else with better character to be one of the leaders of that school!
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