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  1. Center is biggest concern for me due to our historic issues with bad snaps etc. going to watch this closely. Expect DR to hammer us on stunts and blitzing of the renter if we have issues in the Texas high scrimmage.
  2. Mostly stuff from the last 5 years. There are a couple of individual player workout snipets online/twitter but not really from what is coming up. They are replacing a lot but it looks like their subvarsity team was pretty solid the last few years...but information is scarce.
  3. I have always enjoyed when we play new programs. IT is always a good challenge. I have been watching quite a bit of video on Bryant. They are a pretty disciplined in line play and have some good size. They aren't even on the same planet as DR but will also be a great test for our Oline. They stunt a lot and come at you from so many different angles. Its going to be very interesting. Another note, they look like HP in their offense, 4-5 wide with a hurry up tempo. They replace a lot of offensive starters but going to be a good test for us.
  4. When that happens, I hope we have enough time to diversify the offense enough with Thomas' talent. If we have time to do that, I honestly like our chances against any team in the state including DR.
  5. I would be absolutely shocked if they eliminated divisions. I don’t see any way they would go from 12 state champions to 7. I think if anything, they add 7a and just start adjusting numbers. I am sure many superintendents and athletic directors will have a cow if they try to take down the number of state champions.
  6. this could be a good game if Tyler has any kind of offense that can generate some points consistently.
  7. I couldn't agree more. I really think it is possible that the O-line may even be weaker part of the team to start the year than the QB position. It is going to be a huge test right out of the gate.
  8. Don't forget Gilmer. Lots of investment going on right now. The amount of housing and other projects going on is crazy. Nice little town right outside of Longview.
  9. This is going to be an interesting predistrict for Carthage. Crosby will be a big test due to their size and recent history. SA Cornerstone has been consistent the last few years. I am sure there are a few schools in LA that have an opening if they need to fill one more. This should be fun.
  10. I am not sure if anyone posted this but huge loss for Denton Ryan.... From the DMNKeithian “Bear” Alexander, a four-star defensive lineman and a Georgia pledge, confirmed to The Dallas Morning News Wednesday that he’s transferred from Denton Ryan to Fort Worth Brewer. Brewer will be Alexander’s fourth high school. He told The News that his father accepted a coaching position at the school. “One last walk [on] the field with my Dad,” he said in a direct message. Brewer, coached by former DeSoto coach Todd Peterman, went 4-6 a year ago. Alexander started his playing career at Te
  11. Its like watching the lotto drawing and praying you have the winning ticket. I have to be honest though....I now have some concerns about the O-line with Cox leaving football. I also have heard 2-3 other talented players have stepped away from football. @WP4L how much affect is this going to have on the team?
  12. Yep was talking Cumberland but meant Gorman
  13. Lol...I jumped the gun...I was talking about Gorman. We did a lot of work with them over the last year and am very impressed with the planning that is on the horizon for them.
  14. People think I am crazy but I guarantee that within the next 5 years, Cumberland will be the largest private school in East Texas due to where it is and the forward thinking of the admin. If they get seriously committed to any athletic program, you could see the east texas version of Plano Prestonwood or Midland Chrisitan.
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