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  1. Congrats to CHS Sentinels. The ETCS Chargers which is a home school 6 man team beat Christian Heritage, 72-22, early in the year. They also went on to win an independent league title.
  2. Really would like to see more of the BH and Reedy games…it seems TV can be hot and cold…want to see if it is a product of the BH or Reedy defense. if those two defenses caused that many problems, Lobos are going to create havoc…just have to stay disciplined and on our assignments
  3. If their RB is hurt then it will be a tall task
  4. This game is going to be a good one. I have been able to watch several games and get a decent look at BH and Reedy games to see the potential. Couple of things stand out to me. Timberview Offense – massive O-line, reminds me of Carter ‘08, Westfield ‘18, and Lancaster ‘22. The O-line routinely gets to the LBs. They are good for a 2-3 yard push right off the snap. Our interior D line will have to play a magnificent game. We have got to make them commit more lineman to block our front 4. I was surprised how Reedy seemed to hold up late in the game when all others have wilted. QB rotation and RBs remind me of Lancaster. RBs are fantastic. Short passing game is also spot on. Going to have to be crazy disciplined on the Read option Timberview defense – looks like two rotations, one massive, one with speed. They majority play a three man front and teams have trouble blocking it. Offensive line is going to have to be able to block those front three. BH and Reedy moved the ball against them but did have to mix it up. Allen and play calling is going to be critical to this game. I think this is easily the 2nd best team we have played. Will be the best running game we have seen. Offense can’t start slow in this one. We are going to have to be able to move the ball and keep their offense sidelined. If they are able to sustain long drives, the defense will be worn down. If Longview could jump on them and force them to try and throw more, we win. In a game of match ups, their size is going to be a problem. I think it comes down to their discipline and our play calling. Our defense holds up if we can move the ball. Longview by 10
  5. Newton will destroy Harmony. This game will not be close. Congrats on Harmony getting this far.
  6. There are only 4 games that I can find but they are on NFHS. They have Timberview listed as Arlington Timberview. The one I am trying to find is Barbers Hill.
  7. This is in reference of the way that kids go from athletics at middle school to HS in TISD. I have a good friend who taught and coached at TISD several years ago. This was his insight.
  8. absolutely not. They have several D1 kids on both teams with several of them being 4 star or higher rated. Terrible schemes/coaching, motivation at lower levels of the program, and poor defined migration from middle school. Tyler needs to figure it out so they can get an offensive system at the lower grades so these kids can learn it early. terrible state of football in Tyler.
  9. It was actually not bad as it was a good announcer. Would definitely like to see you guys add the clock, yards to go, down marker, etc to all of your broadcasts. Also really wish Texanlive would work with the local broadcasting groups like Longview gameday. They are EXCEPTIONAL. What really sucks is that if Longview wins a title this year, we won't be able to purchase the Longview gameday recordings of playoff games because of the UIL. We will be stuck with the garbage that the NFHS put out last week.
  10. Watch the base defense Surratt has run against Gilmer for years and hasn’t been forced to change it. Says it all to me….
  11. Asking specifically if he is above average or not. When facing the kind of QB they have, really good RB makes it a heck of a lot harder to defend than an average RB who LV would blow up. think West mesquite RB vs Lufkins
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