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  1. If Hammett can keep the normal cycle of what Alvarez has done in other programs, in the next two years things will are going to be really fun in Marshall. He may have a questionable record overall as a coach, but I think this was the right move. I really think Marshall is not only going to challenge for district, they very well could be challenging for the region in the next few years if everything stays true to form. I honestly felt that Marshall was on the brink of a really solid run. Let’s hope Alvarez‘s retirement doesn’t slow that down.
  2. This is honestly a chance for Texan live to step into that void. Pick up the state games. Begin to work out agreements with TXHSFB programs such as Longview/Texarkana Gameday or those great broadcast options in the RGV to capture the regional flair in the broadcasts. Build it that way so that it keeps what makes TXHSFB special, you have a product that no one can beat. So I am going to need you to make that happen.
  3. Exactly what I saw. They don't have a lot of back end speed...DField is going to take the top off of that defense. Tigers just can't play sloppy and keep them in the game late. These kind of teams can be a pest late in a game with a solid RB. I think Dfield rolls...
  4. Watching some Tidehaven games on NFHS, they have some talent. The RB is pretty good…good size and speed. They seemed to be pretty methodical on offense but susceptible to big plays on defense…not a lot of back end speed. It is easy to see that DF is a lot more talented across the board. I know they aren’t counting them out but DF should roll.
  5. The last time they played, Lancaster had 440 yds of offense and limited Forney to right over 200 yds. Going to be a better game than you think.
  6. Four things are certain in life...Death, taxes, and facts from Lobofan07 and Mr. P.
  7. Dallas Morning news - 5 of 8 writers pick us to win over Lancaster. Actual score prediction is Lobos 35-28.
  8. TH has to find a way to keep the Lovejoy receivers in front of them. If the secondary can limit the big plays, and TH can grind it out, they have shot. TH has a win against Frisco Lone start who won their 5aD1 district. TH can win this game. They will just have to play lights out. TH 38 Lovejoy 37
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