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  1. I agree we could definitely have larger bodies on the o-line. One thing we have always had regardless of size was the ability to use strength and leverage to our advantage...it seems to have been lacking somewhat or those we encounter have been just a little better. Hope we see the ability of our line to do more.
  2. This is what I am hoping for. Really will be interested to see how Allen does against tighter coverages and faster game play. This will be a great test for the faster release and better balls he has been throwing. If Coronado is pretty good (given the plug in DCTF article), he will be tested right out of the gate. I can't make it again due to family events but look forward to everyone's feedback on Friday.
  3. I know that a lot of Lobo fans will be strutting around like roosters with that ranking but it gives me pause....I understand what Longview has coming back but to be ranked #1 is a little much in my opinion. We are suspect at the QB position, untested Oline (on the smaller side as well), are 0-5 to the elite 5AD1 programs in the last two years, a host of upper tier/elite teams with solid cores returning. DR, College Station, Aledo, Crosby should be in top 5. Frisco Wakeland or Lone Star, Magnolia West, Magnolia, and several others are also looming...lest we forget our district with Lancaster and Tyler.... Can this team win it all???....ABSOLUTELY....I would not bet against this talent and coaching staff when they are playing at their best.
  4. This will be one of the teams that will challenge and threaten Longview and Tyler High in Region 2. I really think they are a darkhorse in our region until their coach retired. The program reminds me of the Mansfield Timberview or Summit programs. They were not world beaters but could push any team on any given day.
  5. Honestly, not that impressed with the teams in our 7on7 league. With these teams it is a glorified practice and should be treated as such....What it does is gets us needed reps. I hope we use this to help develop the passing game and not try to just win. Will be good for the team and our WRs.
  6. Really stupid move…any local school district would be smart to hire him
  7. Tyler is going to be solid...I think we have a couple of games that can give us trouble if we have any type of offensive inconsistency like we did last year.
  8. I could be wrong but I think JT is the dark horse in the district. If they answer the QB question and the weaker parts of the defense, they are going to be a hard out. With Lufkin seemingly about to come of age, this district has the potential to be tougher than I first thought.
  9. If you dig into potential starters and then look at depth….might be the deepest varsity team talent wise we have had in decades…the defensive rotation on the front 7 is sick….
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