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  1. Don't forget Gilmer. Lots of investment going on right now. The amount of housing and other projects going on is crazy. Nice little town right outside of Longview.
  2. This is going to be an interesting predistrict for Carthage. Crosby will be a big test due to their size and recent history. SA Cornerstone has been consistent the last few years. I am sure there are a few schools in LA that have an opening if they need to fill one more. This should be fun.
  3. I am not sure if anyone posted this but huge loss for Denton Ryan.... From the DMNKeithian “Bear” Alexander, a four-star defensive lineman and a Georgia pledge, confirmed to The Dallas Morning News Wednesday that he’s transferred from Denton Ryan to Fort Worth Brewer. Brewer will be Alexander’s fourth high school. He told The News that his father accepted a coaching position at the school. “One last walk [on] the field with my Dad,” he said in a direct message. Brewer, coached by former DeSoto coach Todd Peterman, went 4-6 a year ago. Alexander started his playing career at Te
  4. Its like watching the lotto drawing and praying you have the winning ticket. I have to be honest though....I now have some concerns about the O-line with Cox leaving football. I also have heard 2-3 other talented players have stepped away from football. @WP4L how much affect is this going to have on the team?
  5. Yep was talking Cumberland but meant Gorman
  6. Lol...I jumped the gun...I was talking about Gorman. We did a lot of work with them over the last year and am very impressed with the planning that is on the horizon for them.
  7. People think I am crazy but I guarantee that within the next 5 years, Cumberland will be the largest private school in East Texas due to where it is and the forward thinking of the admin. If they get seriously committed to any athletic program, you could see the east texas version of Plano Prestonwood or Midland Chrisitan.
  8. That’s amazing! I am so proud of what those guys have accomplished. Incredible test coming up in region finals but definitely not going to doubt them.
  9. Watching some of his work (video) and looking at his grading (camp), he still has a LOT of development and progression that needs to happen compared to the others....especially mechanics, release, accuracy, and zip on the ball. But if I am being honest, this young man is working REALLY hard and I hope he develops what is needed for his team to be successful. I find myself rooting for him more and more. If I had to put my money on anyone at this point, he has to be 1 or 2.
  10. ever since you put me onto these guys a couple of years ago I have been watching and waiting. If they bring Washington up as a sophomore to varsity, they have the potential to be the best 1-2 punch this school has ever seen...that is even better than Vondrell and Ivory....
  11. I really hope they settle into a strong favorite starting QB in the spring. They need to let that QB develop timing and trust with the WR group this summer. Then the future QB of the program needs to settle in on the JV or be the primary backup with dedicated playing time.
  12. I am trying not to be to excited but it really seems like the pieces offensively have fallen into place. The talent level is sickening with their size and speed.
  13. I think that will be the interesting part. It looked like they were in most of their games. He should definitely bring a more accurate passing game to Tyler giving them some options in the playbook....but I agree, only time will tell how successful they are.
  14. Dada was very good. I think Miller's size gives him the edge if he continues to develop. I didn't go back far enough to include Tyrone Ross. That dude will always be their best RB in my eyes. He was a machine and incredibly versatile.
  15. Out of all of the Legacy running backs over the last 10-15 years, I really believe Miller has the highest ceiling... you could tell that he was a different level of talent...isn't he coming back?? If Legacy can put some talent and better game plan around him, he will have a breakout year.
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