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  1. I completely agree. The one thing JA will bring to Jasper is a PROGRAM....something they may not have had from top to bottom in a long time IMO. Going to be fun to watch if he comes.
  2. If Jack Alvarez goes to Jasper, I have no doubt he will turn them into a WOS type program year in and year out.
  3. Those 2 red zone nothing burgers are going to come back to haunt Gilmer. If CS comes out and scores to start the 2nd half, that’s game over
  4. More of process of elimination. CS beat #1, #4, and #7 to get here. Gilmer has beaten #10 and #3 to get here. Both teams had to fight to get here...going to be a banger...
  5. I honestly think Timpson has the only shot. They will have to play out of their minds to pull it out.
  6. this is the truth...reminds me so much of those ultra talented Desoto and WOS teams that couldn't get out of their own way...honestly think this was by far one of the most talented teams by age we have ever fielded...lots to grow on...
  7. Great season Carthage. Great win CS. Going to be a great game next week.
  8. you're an idiot that doesn't know how to win...but you will learn...
  9. most unreal ending to this type of game I have ever seen....
  10. unreal that the refs would decide the game....
  11. win or lose....Carthage playing like champions against a very solid CS team...
  12. watched a lot of football over the last 30 years and I am not from Carthage..this Carthage D is one of the best I have seen in a long time. CS has a fantastic offense and are making fantastic adjustments...
  13. stupid comment...you need to give CS a lot of credit...
  14. exactly what CS had to do...great play calling and execution
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