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  1. I could be wrong but I think JT is the dark horse in the district. If they answer the QB question and the weaker parts of the defense, they are going to be a hard out. With Lufkin seemingly about to come of age, this district has the potential to be tougher than I first thought.
  2. If you dig into potential starters and then look at depth….might be the deepest varsity team talent wise we have had in decades…the defensive rotation on the front 7 is sick….
  3. Huge hire by Lady Lobo basketball….can’t wait to see her go to work https://www.news-journal.com/longview-hires-leggett-as-new-girls-hoops-coach/article_11f8761e-babd-11ec-9bd8-e737011cc87a.html
  4. If that defense tackle for Gladewater didn't take plays off, no way they don't win it all in 2014
  5. I am telling you man...if he gets the participation stronger and conditioning better than Griedl had it, then the sky is the limit....is offense is going to aggravate the living heck out of your district...can't wait to see it on the field.
  6. We proved it with every offense/defense we played in 2017, 2018, and 2019...our offense with a passing game that is based on timing is almost impossible to defend. (if WRs would have caught the ball in 2019, we win back to back)... We need a QB who can complete these short routes consistently...
  7. You are so right...there is something about these current kids coming in and coming up....size, talent, and football smarts spread among this group is crazy...we are a QB away...
  8. His wizardry with Marshall's athletes...man...hoping for the best in 15 out of your 16 games next year and beyond.
  9. https://www.victoriaadvocate.com/advosports/alvarez-leaving-cuero-to-become-ad-head-football-coach-at-marshall/article_0c408ace-8e29-11ec-9fd1-970f09b03605.html Congrats on a great hire. Hope he does stick around for years. I will closely watch how he deals with the strength and conditioning program. No knocks on what you got now but should see some influence and persistence in that area.
  10. Bingo...get everyone going that way, fake the hand off, and hit the other tight end going up the sideline...crazy options...should be fun to watch
  11. Yep, he had an interesting quote in the Ennis newspaper about calling it the Wing-T. Truth is that a lot of his formations bring the elements of the wing-T in the execution. Going to be interesting if he ends up in marshall.
  12. Lol...ok...Fred was hurt for some pretty big games and stretches....I watched games were the other team sold out on stopping Fred and Kville beat them other ways. Fred was a pivotal part of those teams but he wasn't the team.
  13. When he ran it in Kirbyville, he would switch it up in alignments…he even ran a crazy misdirection type RPO when they were in shotgun formations….the passing game routes were the toughest to defend…the thing I like most about his formations is that plays don’t take long to develop even if there are some fakes involved…I’m telling you…the man is gifted…hope he brings that hybrid offense he used in Kirbyville and Ennis…that was his best version….copperas cove and Cuero, not so much
  14. I have followed Jack Alvarez closely over the years. His wing T is a lot like Pleasant grove's in the way that it is dynamic. He has done nothing but build championship caliber teams in almost every place he has been. What he did in Kirbyville was honestly insane. If he comes to Marshall, I can guarantee with those athletes, Marshall will be tough to beat.
  15. I would agree...Griedl started something that can be built on in Marshall. I really think he has returned Marshall to the Harper days in regards to the community. If a solid coach can come in and continue to build on that, the sky is the limit. I think this is a great opportunity given that Waskom lost their coach.
  16. Hate to see him go. Hope the Mavs get a solid replacement. Hope we don't see a big regression...
  17. I completely agree. The one thing JA will bring to Jasper is a PROGRAM....something they may not have had from top to bottom in a long time IMO. Going to be fun to watch if he comes.
  18. If Jack Alvarez goes to Jasper, I have no doubt he will turn them into a WOS type program year in and year out.
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