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  1. I agree...I am glad we will get to see a few more D1 RBs and then a running QB from Tyler. The more the merrier getting ready for the post season.
  2. No he is not a stranger. He threw the kitchen sink at us in 2018 when he had a pretty solid team. I expect the same from him on Friday, try to catch us off balance and be methodical. Game article on that 2018 game --> https://lobohistory.com/gamelogs/articles/1120.html
  3. "handling of Marshall".....sorry but I am not buying it...Marshall was their own worst enemy in the first half. Hallsville can't stop anyone. Marshall should have put 50 on the board.
  4. The more I watch them the more I am intrigued by this game. They are methodical at what they do. Their short passing game is great but develops slower than Lancaster. It will be interesting to see how we do on defense. If we don't give the crazy big cushions, our DBs could have a record night.
  5. I think this is going to be a great game in the first half unless Gilmer dominates early. Gilmer's best defense will be jumping on them early. Going to be a physical game.
  6. After watching the parity at the top in 5aD1, I think we will really know how we compare to the pack with this game. Forney is a solid team but not an upper level team. If we struggle to put them away, then I say we are in the thick of it. If we go out there and blow them out, it bodes well for us come playoff time. We still have a lot of football to go but his game will be partly telling for in my opinion.
  7. Lufkin had their chances. If their QB could throw better, it would have been a better game early on. But I do agree that they are dangerous...They mix it up really well and kept Lufkin off balance. They had enough athletes to handle Lufkin.
  8. Thoughts I posted on the other board. Forney seems to be a pretty solid and disciplined team. They have a good scheme and size with speed at most of the skill positions. One thing we don't seem in most spread teams is the TE. They use it pretty well in their offense. The short and intermediate passing game is solid. QB play is pretty sound, no a world beater but solid HS QB. Reminds me a lot of those decent Rockwall and Mesquite Horn teams we saw back in district several years ago. It is clear that Longview will be more athletic and talented. This is the right kind of team that can be irritating and dangerous if we don't put them away early. Their coach is familiar with East Texas football and knows what we bring. We should win soundly but wouldn't be surprised for a closer than should be game if we come out flat.
  9. and that is what happened to their defense. Our defense stayed tough the whole way.
  10. If he doesn’t change something the defense will be spent by the 4th quarter…
  11. The cushion and soft zone on defense and ridiculous play calling shows they are scared or worried about Lancaster’s speed. Lancaster scores on the second half kickoff, Lobos are in trouble. Lancaster has made great second half changes. Going to be a crazy second half
  12. I guess sold out includes the people in the middle section who don't show up for games.
  13. I wonder if this will be the first sold out game since post COVID?
  14. Both Shadow Creek and Katy Paetow had very favorable zoning draws that led to great talent that was brought in. I believe SC was at 2700+ kids when they won it and Paetow was over 3000 kids. Neither should have been competing in 5ad1. UIL has to fix that.
  15. How is Tyler against the run? If you can't stop McNorth's RB or Lufkin's RB, it won't matter who is at QB for the Lions. Those guys are studs.
  16. Mansfield Timberview Denton Ryan Richmond Foster Aledo (questioning them this year) The first three on that list can easily play with Longview. FS and PAM may not be world beaters but they do have talented teams. Long road through these playoffs...but we have to take care of business first with Lancaster.
  17. I think that is a solid comparison. McNorth has a better QB so should be a little more balanced.
  18. We win that game by 4+ TDs easily. I think their offense and RB can be a good challenge for our defense if they hold onto the ball. Hoping they do because we will need the work. 5 blowouts plus a first round blow out will do nothing for us when we see a LS in the second round. we do still have a huge game in front of us.
  19. agree. If we hold onto the ball we win by 4+ TDs. I hope they don't turn the ball over at all. I want to see their offense and RB mistake free against our defense....not going to happen but would like to see it.
  20. I am looking for Longview to get pushed by this tested Lancaster squad. I really thought Lufkin would put up more of fight, but Longview's overall talent and Lufkin's youth made that a no contest early. Longview needs to be pushed hard. This may be the only team left on the schedule that can do it...maybe North if they can hold onto the ball.
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