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    Rusk Eagles rock harder than my guitar... -LOL-<br /><br />http://www.myspace.com/masonwhatophyta<br />http://hometown.aol.com/nchrist87/myhomepage/faith.html
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  1. I agree... I really wish that the Tyler area had more to offer each year than just the occasional concert at the Oil Palace... My new landlord is actually a bass player for a local band, Backroom Noise... www.backroomnoise.com they've played at Clicks Billiards and done some Battle of the Bands... It'd be awesome if someone opened up a place for local groups/bands to perform... I know another band from the Rusk area that's been tryin' to have concerts here lately too, so... It's sad that with as much talent that comes out of Texas, our local areas don't really take pride in it... :getlost:
  2. Try SantaLand on I20 out of Tyler... we go nearly every year... one section of the drive-thru scenes is dedicated to the owner's son... I think he died in a car crash or something, I believe?...
  3. Ur DEFINITELY not alone on this one... lol. I learned about it all from my dad growing up... he'd make toast, and then swipe some PB&S on it that he had on a paper plate... lol. It's good stuff :thumbsup: LOL
  4. Hmm... Van vs. Rusk This one's gonna be really close... really close... but, I have to say the Eagles are gonna overtake the Vandals by 1 TD... *Good Luck Guys*
  5. :blushing: Saw this on the news the morning it happened... At least he died doing what he loved best. :blushing:
  6. Yep, Xanga's definitely dead... I was on it b4 MySpace and someone told me about the site... it's way better than Xanga... lol. Anywho, I love MySpace. I get to keep in touch with my cousin whom I hardly ever get to see, and old friends from Malakoff, as well as friends from Rusk that I graduated with back in May... :D http://www.myspace.com/masonwhatophyta
  7. Honestly, I can't stand the show either, but when I heard about this it really caught my attention...lol. There's one show I absolutely despise while I'm at it... Lost. It's retarded... Oh no! So-and-so's missing and this guy that we trusted killed this guy over here... lol. The same junk over and over... *rolls eyes*
  8. AlL rIgHt EaGlEs!!! Let's keep it goin'!... :happy65:
  9. Okay everyone, I don't know if this is true or not but it's a big rumor all over the radio... lol. Supposedly, the new four tribes of "Survivor" are going to be separated by race. If this is true though, it's definitely gonna stir some controversy up... :wacko:
  10. So, I watched the making of "Call Me When You're Sober" the other day on MTV... the newest Evanescence song/video seems to be a hit to me... what does everybody else think?... I really like the new single and video for it, and plan 2 buy the album whenever it comes out on iTunes. October, I think... Anyway, I was just curious about everyone's thoughts on the group and they're upcoming album... ;)
  11. Same here... lol. See ya 'round Jode man... ;) A lot of us that graduated from Rusk already have college hours in through dual-credit... I started TJC this Fall coming in with 24 from high school... this semester I'm taking 13, majoring in graphic design.
  12. Thrilla's right, we all graduated... LOL. :tongue:
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