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  1. Bye will probably rest their starters against ya'll. They have a big first round playoff game against Open. They're long time rivals from way back!
  2. They have at least 4 that COULD be a replacement. Apparently they are not interested in being the replacement.
  3. In the Book of Asadolphus Chapter 218, Verse 2A it says and I quote "And the Pelopenisians and the Bromites were smitten upon thine artificial grass lest no one in the region set thy foot upon said abomination again. Forsooth and theretofore no more rubber pelletseth shall gain entry into thy sandals"
  4. Would this be the legendary Royce Bob Green of which you speak?
  5. I heard OC and DC. But that's just second hand info. Maybe someone else knows for sure.
  6. He said he would only return if he could have his old house back.
  7. 4A D2. Liberty Eylau didn't advance....lost to Van 28-0. Not hard to miss one though as much research as you've done....thanks!!
  8. I've seen the 8th grader. Why wait two years?? That kid could start on a lot of varsities NOW!
  9. Perhaps it's just on that given night Gladewater outplayed Sabine....it happens. So I guess people from Kilgore can make the same argument...that to them Gladewater isn't very good. They could probably name names but don't themselves.
  10. Don't have a dog in the fight, but I appreciate the humility in this statement. Sure Tatum should be the better team, but I've gotta give Sabine credit. They're playing at a level no one expected out of them. Will this translate to an upset? Probably not likely but I sure don't expect them to get trounced like last year. These kids will put up a fight.
  11. I guess when Gunter won state all of Class 3A was "scrawny"?
  12. Just my opinion, but I don't see West Rusk hardly getting mentioned at all. I personally think they'll be regional champion. But what do I know???
  13. Just an opinion from someone who has casually seen both teams play this year. I think a huge key will be for Sabine to stop the interior run game of Gladewater. The Bears will have a size advantage up front...although not to the degree it has been in the past. The big fullback is a beast and will have to be hit low and often. It's also a plus to Sabine (and anyone else the Bears have played) that D.J. is at QB now and not at receiver. Not taking anything away from him. He's a playmaker and will get his yards, but if Sabine can keep him semi-contained and not give up big plays on the perimeter they can stay in this thing. I mean let's face it....Gladewater has had some success in the air but they don't have near the threat they had when he was making circus catches multiple times a game. Offensively I do agree that Sabine needs to establish the run. Burns needs one of his big rushing nights without a doubt. But he is far from the only weapon the Cardinals have. Overall I can't predict the outcome of this one. I know I'm coming to see it and it should be one of if not the headline game of the week in East Texas.
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