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  1. Yes, there was a time when the likes of White Oak, Sabine, Mineola, Gladewater, Tatum and smaller schools or similiar sized ones were our district opponents. And yes, we did consistently compete and win at that level. Then our small growth and the UIL's classification cuts (2008ish to 2014ish) threw us into a district with the likes of Carthage, Kilgore, Henderson, Gilmer and Chapel Hill for a few years. In that time, we absolutely couldn't compete at any level JH, JV or Varsity and the program went south in a hurry. Coaches left every 1 or 2 years because there was such a bad att
  2. I couldn't agree more. He did a phenomenal job given what he came in to 4 years ago. He flipped the attitude, expectations and culture of a community (that had been very deflated) in the 4 years he was here. The "Build the Hill" attitude he rallied around worked well. I'm not sure everyone remembers just how bad it was before he arrived. Wins and losses do not measure the amount of success he achieved with our programs. I wish him well and believe it's a sad day for SH that he "chose" to leave. Too bad our administrative leadership wasn't able to work out a better situation to
  3. Closer to the truth to say SH would've won your district. We played everyone closer than your district did. Congrats to Gilmer, Pitt, LE and PG.
  4. Haven't ever seen that called and doubt I see it called again this season. If it's in fact a rule, it's the most uninforced rule in HS football!! SH band must do an exceptionally great job to have it called on them. Good job SH band for your ability to influence the game to that magnitude!!
  5. Good job on this one Wildcats!! On to James Bowie next week.
  6. Walks, HBP's, couple of timely E's and passed balls led to Harleton's runs. Harleton played very solid D all night, making all the routine plays, didn't walk kids and Diana couldn't get a big hit when they had the chances. Diana hit the ball harder all night, but Harleton outplayed them in the field and straight up beat them.
  7. Quarter-Finals Carthage vs Canton Tues. Feb. 27 Tyler Junior College 6p Center vs Spring Hill Tues. Feb. 27 Tyler Junior College 7:30p
  8. Gilmer got beat something like 49-26. I heard from someone who saw a final on twitter. It wasnt close.
  9. Spring Hill VS Mabank Friday, 7pm @ Tyler Junior College
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