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  1. Are you watching last season or stuff from this spring? As you said, it sounds like they're replacing quite a bit...including their 3 year starter at QB. It'll definitely be a fun test. Much bigger than North Little Rock gave us back in 2012.
  2. I mean if the 18 year old can bank in over $100,000 early on and build that into something successful (football or otherwise), I think he would've made the right decision for himself. Welcome to 2021 America. Is what it is now a days.
  3. I don't know about Camera Yoe, but Southlake definitely hasn't been anywhere near as successful as they were when he was there. They went to 5 straight state title games...and won 4 of them. Last season's return to the title game for Southlake was just their second appearance since Dodge left. They won in 2011, but that's their lone title since Todd went to UNT.
  4. 2010 started 1-3 even. - 14 pt loss to #9 John Tyler - 4 pt loss at #5 Allen (touchdown with 20 seconds left gave the Eagles the win) - 7 pt loss at #10 Lufkin (Lobos stuffed a the 4 yard line in the final 30 seconds to fall) Heartbreaking stuff, only to follow it up with an unreal come from behind win over #6 Abilene, the defending state champions at the time, in overtime. Still though, the win at #7 DeSoto really spring boarded that playoff run. Still the worst playoff loss in Longview history imo. My devastating at the very least.
  5. I definitely use a lot of the historical section, but the forums are the main things I pay attention to. My only request is bringing back the Smoaky red to the boards!
  6. He'll be the starter by the end of the year, I bet. It's just like with Haynes back in 2017, we'll end up suffering some awful loss that doesn't need to happen before we realize it should've been that way the whole year.
  7. Facts. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure Allen is a great guy, and I'm not trying to come down on him hard at all. But if there's a difference in being another 3rd round out and potentially challenging for State this season....the QB difference is it.
  8. lol what. We reached the third round. And that was due to our defense and Meredith. During the spring and summer, Thomas has been the clear better QB. And it really hasn't been close IMO.
  9. Yep. No doubt. It's going to continue and continue. No idea where the lines will be, but I still wouldn't be shocked to see all of East Texas stay in 5A and below once all is said and done. Obviously will depend on the numbers they want for the new 6A once 7A gets the top teams.
  10. Well I can guarantee you there's not going to be any East Texas teams in 7A whenever they create it. But your other sentence is the exact reason why it hasn't already been created. The need has been there for a long time. Remember when it was just 5A and below, people were saying there was a need for this. It hasn't changed since then, especially when all they did was rename the classifications instead of addressing it.
  11. That’s a relief honestly. As Mavchamp said, the dominance that would come from that is just not appealing at all. Wouldn’t make sense imo.
  12. Well 7A, and an even lesser extent 6A, I understand doing away with the pre set divisions. But I don’t get it for 5A and below to be honest. I love the pre set divisions.
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