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  1. They lost a lot from their senior class last year. We know they’ll be replacing a 3 year starter. I think they’ll still be one of the top teams in the district, but I can’t see them being as strong as last season. But I don’t know what their underclassmen classes looked like.
  2. Defense will be elite level, not even a question there. QB remains a question mark to me. None the three had an impressive day. Neither Hale nor Tatum played a snap. Focus was on the passing game it felt like for the day. Potential is there for sure, but it’s May.
  3. It’s been moving that way for a while it feels. Believe there was a proposal for a third school coming up. But I read that back in February so that could’ve changed.
  4. Longview usually has a summer league on Monday nights with local teams (Spring Hill/Tatum/etc). I would suspect it will start up once spring ball is over.
  5. Fun interview to watch. 3,000 students is pretty crazy to think about at Forney. Don't think they'll be too competitive this coming season, but who knows.
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