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  1. Was the same last year, just with College Station instead of Naaman Forest. I was shocked with how poor Rockwall played against us last season. would suspect Whitehouse....as it always feels like has been against them in 7v7...will be our biggest hurdle.
  2. Magical season at Longview, no doubt. Hopefully has helped proved this type of thing can happen in other sports at Longview and not just for football. Invest the time and money and energy, and anything is possible. Hopeful of next season with so many returning.
  3. I’m ready to see him bring a title home first. Lol
  4. Game 1: Reedy at Longview, 7:30 PM, 05/25 Game 2: Longview at Reedy, 2:00 PM, 05/27 Game 3: If Necessary, Longview at Reedy, 30 min after Game 2.
  5. Never in a million year would I have ever predicted this run. What an unreal ending for this team. And they still have more to go!!!! Upset complete!!!
  6. District is there if they step up and stay healthy. Still, idea of facing Longview or Lancaster in round 3 will continue to be there. Am sure Willis does not want another run at Longview after the last couple of seasons.
  7. Just to recap... Lobo football: State Semi-Finalist Lobo basketball: Regional Quarterfinalist Lobo soccer: Area Finalist Lobo baseball: Currently in the Regional Quarterfinals with a 1-0 lead. Throwing in Volleyball as a Bi-District Finalist, Girls Basketball as an Area Finalist, Girls Soccer as an Area Finalist and Softball winning their first district crown in nearly 20 years. Cougar football: Bi-District finalist...blow out loss to the Lobos. Cougar basketball: Losing record, no playoffs. Cougar soccer: Bi-District Finalist Cougar baseball: Area finalist The only sport Crosby had a better season in than Longview this season was getting to the Area round of Softball. And the team that beat us in that...is currently in the Regional Semi Finals as a 4 seed with a 1-0 lead in it. Just lol.
  8. 2. 2nd one to win it. Unreal pitching job by sophomore Cole Ramey for the Lobos. Did it against Porter two weeks ago, did it again tonight vs Hallsville.
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