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  1. Congrats China Springs. Congrats Carthage on an unreal run.
  2. Yea we return a ton. QB is biggest question mark, but it shouldn’t be really. We’ll see. OL has been exposed all season, the false starts have just absolutely wrecked us and I mean, it was rough at time today. Taylor Tatum has to get healthy. We lost Wright today before a down had even been played. Also lost Hamilton in the 3rd quarter. It was rough. But we finally stepped up against a great team. At the end of the day, an Interception on a miscommunication inside the Ryan 15 and a fumble on our 8 that led to a Ryan field goal was the difference in the game. We also have got to figure out kickoffs. I don’t understand one thing that John King was doing the last 3 weeks with kickoffs. None of it made sense.
  3. Frustrating season, but our boys grew up a lot in that 4th quarter. Fix the O line, figure out the QB situation and next year could be really special.
  4. Just not as good. Turnovers, mental mistakes, penalties. Just a constant.
  5. First post updated. Lobos looking to avoid a 3-game losing streak to the Raiders today. Only started a series against an opponent 0-3 twice in their history. First against Atlanta (0-3) and then against Shreveport Byrd (0-8). Only two teams currently have a 3-game series lead over Longview. Highland Park (3-6) and Shreveport Byrd (0-8).
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