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  1. Hallsville lost to Longview as well the other night. Bobcats have taken a massive downturn out of no where.
  2. Lobos beat Hallsville, 7-5. Now 22-6 on the year.
  3. Longview up 6-3 on Hallsville in a warm up game.
  4. Lufkin's win over Nacogdoches tonight sets up one playoff series. #2 seeded Longview will take on #3 seeded Nacogdoches.
  5. Correction, 21 wins is the second highest win total in program history.
  6. Longview knocks off Pine Tree, 6-4. 21-6 on the season. Seconded highest win total in the last 52 years for Lobo baseball.
  7. Literally the only position I am nervous about. Yes I know the secondary has questions and the kicking game has questions, but man. Our offense will have so many weapons this fall, IF we just have a QB to get our players the ball.
  8. Longview knocks off Marshall, 5-1. Lobos clinch a playoff berth for the first time since 2013, and will be the No. 2 seed out of the district.
  9. Lobos up 2-1 on the Mavs in the 5th inning.
  10. I think it's a good bet he is. Only other player, maybe, is Taylor. But I just can't imagine in that era, holding 29 offers. And to think he's just a sophomore currently. Pleaseeeee let us have a capable QB this fall.
  11. Oof....to all of the above. (Great work, @Mavchamp)
  12. Should be after tonight... 2) Longview (7-3) 3) Marshall (6-4) 4) Texas High (6-5) Depends on how Sulphur Springs vs Pine Tree went, though I'm going to assume SS won. If they win, they'd also sit at 6-5. Friday's game with Longview at Marshall just got even more interesting. Lobos won 9-2 earlier in the year.
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