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  1. This is one of the most idiotic posts I have ever seen from you. But, ok let's go. "Tyler has history of playing tougher schedules than Longview." Do tell when? Last season, Tyler played one team with a winning record out of four...Texas High, who the Lions lost to. 2020, Tyler played one team with a winning record out of three...Texas High, who the Lions lost to. In 2019, Tyler played two teams with a winning record out of four...Longview/Euless Trinity, the Lions lost both. In 2018, Tyler played two teams with a winning record out of four...Longview/Cedar Hill, the Lions lost both. We have to go all the way back to 2017 to see an actual win by the Lions in non-district play over a team that ended the season with a winning record, and that was Ennis (Lufkin beat the Lions the week after who also had a winning record). You also played 0-10 Plano West that season....exciting! For Longview, call out what you want. We have Marshall every year, they're hit and miss..especially recently. King also has fallen in love with playing Legacy, they're a complete joke every year. Last season we played Denton Ryan and Bryant (another state title for them). Both #1 when we played them. 2020 we played Temple and Beaumont West Brook, both at neutral site locations. I would both of them over Texas High/Mesquite Horn that season. 2019, playing Tyler was a complete joke. Won at state ranked Lufkin and won over #2 West Monroe. 2018 was East Texas filled with Lufkin/Marshall/Tyler then we couldn't find a game and thankfully Ruston offered to host us. Historically, you're just a joke on that too. Outside of 2016-2017-2020, we've played a state ranked team at least once in non-district every single season that John King has been at the helm of the Lobos. "They are always in weak district. They wouldn't of won district in 6a last year. Maybe would of gotten 3rd. Im telling like Im seeing it." Longview and Tyler have been in the same district every year since 1931 outside of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018 & 2019. 2008/2009, it's a complete wash. Longview was dominating the Mesquite ISD teams before moving down to 4A. The only factor would've been DeSoto. But even that is a wash, because they didn't even finish with a winning record in 2008. 2010/2011, Tyler drops to 4A to be with Hallsville/Pine Tree/Nacogdoches/Kilgore/Jacksonville/Whitehouse/Marshall while Longview goes back in with Mesquite ISD & DeSoto. Wash outside of DeSoto really started becoming the winner they were in the mid 2010s. Lobos even had a national television week 10 game against them. Of course, Neither team lost a district game during this. 2012/2013, Longview goes in with Lee to Mesquite ISD/Rockwall ISD while Tyler's district is a joke of Lindale/Corsicana/Nacogdoches/Jacksonville/Whitehouse. Not even a question here. 2014/2015, I'll completely give you. Lobos had their normal 4A/5A district of Pine Tree/Hallsville/Mount Pleasant/Marshall/Texas High/Sulphur Springs while Lions had Whitehouse/Lindale/Lufkin/Ennis/Corsicana/Jacksonville/Nacogdoches. 2018/2019, again Lobos have a harder district with the Mesquite ISD/Rockwall ISD + Lee while Lions are in with Mesquite Poteet/West/McKinney North/Sherman/Wylie East/Texas High. Outside of 2014/2015, there's not even a legit case for your opinion being correct. "U mentioned Playing Duncanville,u must be talking about in the playoffs or something when they were nothing like they are now. See how deceitful u are?" 1997 - Longview defeats Duncanville IN THE STATE SEMI-FINALS 1998 - Longview defeats Duncanville at Texas Stadium in non-district THE ONLY YEAR THEY'VE EVER WON STATE. 1999 - Duncanville knocks off a Longview team that finishes with the worst record a Lobo team since 1971. Is Duncanville a near power house right now? Perhaps, but they haven't won a single title since 1998. And that was their first, which the Lobos can always claim they have a win over that team....so go on about whatever you want here, it doesn't make any sense what so ever. " I do look for it to change though. I don't see pine tree & spring hill just decide to keep on loser. " Longview is the only high school in the Longview area that has consistently been a winner. So continue on hoping for that. "As long as u are on loosing end to tyler teams when were are really good,it really dont matter come to think of it. Who cares about just beating Longview..." You seem to care quite a bit with you're constant trying to bring our program down regardless of the situation. I'd probably ration this too when you consider Tyler has a 3-16 record against the Lobos since 2001. and Legacy has a 3-18 record against Longview in the same time period. A 6-34 record between your two teams against Longview in the last TWO DECADES must really, really eat at you, eh? Keep on hating on rapture. We'll still be here enjoying watching our Lobos beat down the Red Raiders and Cujo literally almost every year, while you disappear time and time again following a loss.
  2. We're 2-1 all-time against Duncanville, including a win over them during their only state championship season. Tyler has never played Carroll either but go on. We've played Denton Ryan three times in 2 years, with statistically the worst quarterback we've had under King leading the way in two of those games. Ryan has been on another level the last two seasons, and would demolish literally anyone else in East Texas...yet Longview was just 4 points away from them this past season. Keep on your talking though. You'll just twist it whichever way you want regardless.
  3. I'm intrigued to hear who you think we'll lose to in regular season...(though I agree with your season ending result)
  4. They lost a lot from their senior class last year. We know they’ll be replacing a 3 year starter. I think they’ll still be one of the top teams in the district, but I can’t see them being as strong as last season. But I don’t know what their underclassmen classes looked like.
  5. Defense will be elite level, not even a question there. QB remains a question mark to me. None the three had an impressive day. Neither Hale nor Tatum played a snap. Focus was on the passing game it felt like for the day. Potential is there for sure, but it’s May.
  6. It’s been moving that way for a while it feels. Believe there was a proposal for a third school coming up. But I read that back in February so that could’ve changed.
  7. Longview usually has a summer league on Monday nights with local teams (Spring Hill/Tatum/etc). I would suspect it will start up once spring ball is over.
  8. Fun interview to watch. 3,000 students is pretty crazy to think about at Forney. Don't think they'll be too competitive this coming season, but who knows.
  9. Dude can never stay in one spot too long. I don't understand why people keep taking chances on him. But I'm biased after the way he left SMU.
  10. Man, a Miles like QB would have us set this season for sure. But we ain’t getting it with that three year guy. Just an absolute shame.
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