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  1. We haven’t had the state title success as a Gilmer, Carthage or even Tatum…but can confirm things have definitely been similar to what all of y’all are posting on here Home Lobo games are just pitiful on the home side now. Away games, before this season, at least things were still big and a lot were on their feet and making noise. But even against Lancaster in round 2 it was disappointing. That was the first time I had ever been told (not asked) to sit down cause the lady behind me didn’t want to stand up. Denton Ryan was a little different because it was streamed on a paid website and that seemed to bring everyone out. But it’s been trending down ever since we won State. I even remember hearing back in 2019, if we made it back that a lot of people would just watch it on TV. I don’t get it one bit. I might criticize a lot about our program and especially during games, but I couldn’t imagine not making an effort to go see our boys and cheer them on each week.
  2. Ok I have to ask, what's the reasoning behind where you put Lufkin? Little shocked to not see Red Oak with us as well.
  3. Congrats China Springs. Congrats Carthage on an unreal run.
  4. Yea we return a ton. QB is biggest question mark, but it shouldn’t be really. We’ll see. OL has been exposed all season, the false starts have just absolutely wrecked us and I mean, it was rough at time today. Taylor Tatum has to get healthy. We lost Wright today before a down had even been played. Also lost Hamilton in the 3rd quarter. It was rough. But we finally stepped up against a great team. At the end of the day, an Interception on a miscommunication inside the Ryan 15 and a fumble on our 8 that led to a Ryan field goal was the difference in the game. We also have got to figure out kickoffs. I don’t understand one thing that John King was doing the last 3 weeks with kickoffs. None of it made sense.
  5. Frustrating season, but our boys grew up a lot in that 4th quarter. Fix the O line, figure out the QB situation and next year could be really special.
  6. Just not as good. Turnovers, mental mistakes, penalties. Just a constant.
  7. First post updated. Lobos looking to avoid a 3-game losing streak to the Raiders today. Only started a series against an opponent 0-3 twice in their history. First against Atlanta (0-3) and then against Shreveport Byrd (0-8). Only two teams currently have a 3-game series lead over Longview. Highland Park (3-6) and Shreveport Byrd (0-8).
  8. Meant to say have lost to them there since. My bad. I wouldn’t say we haven’t had close games since though. Obviously 03 in the go for two game and 04 with the OT game where they blew a 14 point lead. 2007 we were down 12-7 entering the 4th. 2010 we were down 17-14 entering the 4th. More recently it’s been close first half then we pull away. 2016 we were tied at half then 21-0 in 2nd half, last year was 16-14 at half then another 21-0 in 2nd half.
  9. These Springtown announcers are fun to listen to
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