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  1. I recently moved to Brock and my wife and I are drilling a well because of the water issue. We have this beautiful home but can't afford the water bill for the lawn. Previous owners told us that is what they would do. Didn't think it would be that bad. I was wrong. Never lived in a place were the water bill can be higher than the electric. School is wonderful. Infrastructure is lacking. My wife works for Aledo and I would agree they have growing pains. Probably will split into two high schools soon. I believe Aledo's school district covers 121 square miles. I-30/I-20 can't handle the traffic too boot.
  2. I bet we get to update our regions again this year. Looking forward to seeing the Brock/Franklin rematch. Although we did lose one of our best players this past week. All-state safety/RB Watkins transferred to All Saints.
  3. Play mistake free game. Hit their shots to make them not triple team Acker. Break the press. Stay out of foul trouble.
  4. Great response about Longview. I was writing something up like that for Daingerfield but couldn't find the data I wanted to back it up. I was trying to see a comparison of D1 starters and NFL players. Carthage has been on a great ride. But I would bet they haven't had the success at the next levels as Daingerfield has. Wish the kid good luck. A lot can happen the next few years for him.
  5. None that have lasted like Smoaky. Facebook has taken the brunt of the chat and the Texas Football App. But this is still the purest forum in my opinion.
  6. IT’s Winnsboro vs MP Chapel Hill fir the third time.
  7. Isn't he to be a Sr.? Already has offers from most major D1's correct? What's to gain? This one is a head scratcher.
  8. Thought the same thing along with Gilmer's.
  9. Koff is good too. But usually everyone is at that point. Koff needs to worry about Daingerfield first.
  10. Still think it'll be a rematch and a great one at that.
  11. Can't wait for the Brock and Franklin rematch. Both teams bring back a ton of talent.
  12. They said, I just didn't catch the name. I'll update when I hear it again.
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