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  1. It's usually Pewitt kids going to Hughes Springs for baseball.
  2. I know I live in Brock now but my daughter started for the MP Chapel Hill team that won a few years ago. I follow the Brock girls but follow girls basketball period. Only head scratcher I have is Jim Ned and how they beat Wall like they did. Schedule isn't that impressive really. I believe it will be between them and Brock for Reg. 1. I believe Winny wins 2 and FF 3. Region 4 is just fodder for wherever plays them at State as usual.
  3. I was looking at everyone left in 3A myself this morning and thought the same thing.
  4. If this is the same kid, Texas, pulled their offer.
  5. Brock's first venture into 4A Div II
  6. The girl games are usually more entertaining to watch but that is only when two evenly matched teams play. Otherwise it is brutal.
  7. It varies from year to year. When my kids were playing there was quite a good bit of banter like Chevyman mentioned. BigRed and me went at it for a couple of years since my daughter played for MP Chapel Hill. My son is a HUGE Winny Girls fan since he married one of their legends. We still go watch them play every year at Regionals and State when they go with them.
  8. Wonder if Samples is coming back with him.
  9. Sulphur Springs I believe.
  10. Last I heard he has gone on way past being a coach much less a superintendent. Heard he was in Austin.
  11. I can think of two who would be good hires for Pewitt. Both have some interesting things in common. Both share same last name, Daingerfield graduates, great coaches, and understand who Pewitt is. Interested in who this ends up being. I know Pewitt kids know how to work and play with heart. Good luck with the hire. I really liked the past one.
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