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  1. Well I was cheating at work trying to research quickly.
  2. Just killed some time and compared all of these teams. Harmony's losses are not like the others. The only team remaining in the playoffs to beat them is Beckville a 2A team. Aledo's 2 losses came to Guyer who is in the Semi's and Paris Epis.(sp?) who won State. Brock's losses have 3 teams still in the playoffs in Pleasant Grove, Wimberly, & Gunter. The other was WF Hirschi, who should have done better. SOC's has 2 teams still in the playoffs of their 3 losses in Duncanville and Desoto. Lancaster was a mighty foe as well. Decatur only has one as well in Anna with the two losses to Stephenville and WF Rider. With all that being said, everyone but Harmony(no offense) came out battle tested and ready for a run. Doesn't shock me they are doing well in the playoffs.
  3. I even compared him to an old Lindale QB that I played against back in the day to someone. Probably Lindale's best QB they ever had. His son is a decent QB.
  4. I've seen more HS football than most. I watched the QB twice this year. He impressed me both times. You have your opinion I have mine.
  5. Whitesboro QB is the best I’ve seen in a while. Brock’s Defense is impressive. Whitesboro was a very talented team. As for team speed you do know Brock is the defending State Track champion.
  6. Winner gets Brock Thursday night at the Star in Frisco at 7 pm.
  7. Hate this for Coach Edwards. Played baseball with him from the time he was 4 years old. Always thought he was a good fit for HS. Hopefully he will continue on somewhere else.
  8. I did see that a classmate's sister did pass away from the Tornado in Cason. Prayers for their family.
  9. Continued Prayers for our warrior.
  10. Brock is a little too high. They've had two miracle games in a row. Easily could be in 3rd in their district.
  11. Guess I didn't dig deep enough. Thanks.
  12. Depends on how that game goes. Will it be a blowout? Will it come to last second and inch? Both will still be ranked.
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