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  1. Lot's of history between these two teams in the playoffs. Let's just hope it doesn't come down to the infamous credit card swipe to see if it's a first down again.
  2. Should be a good game between to great programs.
  3. They played great. Deserved the win. Two 6’3 posts in 3A is hard to defend.
  4. I think Winnsboro wins and Chapel Hill for a district rematch.
  5. I’d stop or attempt to stop her and make someone else beat you. People try that with us but our depth always addresses that. I’ve yet seen anyone stop #5 except the flu. Even then she almost beat Winnsboro that night.
  6. She has a nice shot. I don’t think the rest of her game translates to the next level. Bells did a good job of containing her after it was too late. They needed to make someone else beat them. I see Winnsboro doing that.
  7. No school makes money in the playoffs. The transportation, lodging, and meal costs take all of that.
  8. Well he better figure out how to win the 4 on 3 game.
  9. Is he taking any coaches with him?
  10. Mineola and Howe better up their game or it’s going to be a district rematch.
  11. She has signed with SFA. People rave about her offense when it’s her defense that is a thing of beauty. last night’s game was a definite trap game. Prairiland is a good team that would have won any district in our area. Our district is very strong. Winnsboro is very underrated. Each of the previous two games were as tough as our State game last year. Mineola and Edgewood are good as well. Mt. Vernon, Daingerfield, and Bells are good too. For someone to say this region is weak is not paying attention.
  12. Some play volleyball. Others are quite active in other sports too. I don’t know about the school record. I would think that would be it. She shot 10-13 from 3 pt land. She was guarded as soon as she stepped on the court every time too. Last game she had I believe 26 pts and 13 assists. Defense is her best skill set.
  13. MP Chapel Hill vs Prairiland at Rivercrest Monday at 6 pm.
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