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  1. lovely. I just subscribed to watch Daingerfield and it wouldn't let me watch after charging me. Oh well.
  2. Had a cousin play CF for Oklahoma State named Donnie Webb.
  3. Not looking good for Celina. down 3-0 with the bases loaded with no outs.
  4. Helps when your tax base is growing and massive. People want their kids to grow up in a good district. I would bet every contender fits that category. I think it's an awesome achievement for any school.
  5. He did have issues with it being wet. But I thought he overcome that. Cost him going an inning or two extra.
  6. Enjoyed watching Trevor Duck work. Ump was all over the place with his zone.
  7. When my daughter played for State in basketball it wasn't that way 3 years ago. We had the best record with no losses. So we should have been the #1 seed. Wall had the 2nd best record and should have played the #3 seed. Instead Chapel Hill played Wall in the Semi-finals.
  8. I'll be attending this game to watch Duck pitch. His Dad and I played together back in the day at Daingerfield.
  9. Brock won their series in 9 innings last night.
  10. Typical Daingerfield fans. Should have heard them in 87 when we went 9-2-1. Lost to Carthage by a missed field goal to end the game. Tied Henderson 27-27 the week before to stop a 55 regular season win streak. Followed by losing to L/K of all teams in the playoffs. You would walk into the DQ and people would ridicule you. The fans expect perfection.
  11. I heard the 4A rumor as well but can't find anything about it. We are move ins as well with a 6th grader. If he grows in with his hands and feet he will be a load.
  12. Can't wait to start watching Brock play some football. Interesting coming from an East Texas boy moving out west.
  13. Daingerfield's 3 State Championship run.
  14. Why would anyone want to coach the way they are treated? Both of my boys considered it. I encouraged them to more stable careers. Oldest is back at the school and it won't shock me for him to want to coach. He's competitive and is involved. People lack respect to others anymore. No matter what they get paid.
  15. I was talking about Johnny Hurndon. Yes Hendrix was at SFA. He could fly in the hurdles.
  16. Johnnie H played for East Texas State I believe but that was 30 years ago. I do know that Johnnie H. was nfl talent but a car wreck damaged his eye really bad. I had the fortune of watching Johnnie clear 6'+ in parachute pants at track practice once after our track coach got on to him about giving his jumpers a hard time. I don't remember how tall Johnnie was but he was clearly shy of 6'.
  17. My sons have been forced to run/participate in track during baseball season. I disagreed. They played football & Basketball so the two sport is mute. I disagreed with it. Lifting is good for all but when a pitcher is required to lift heavy an hour before he goes on the hill, I highly question that. Sad thing is I wanted them to throw the discus but they were not allowed because they were not lineman(both played DE/SE again questioned that).
  18. He was and I don't remember. Jeff Morris was the TE and played college ball in Oklahoma for Northeastern I believe. I know Mike McCurdy went on to TJC or Kilgore. Johnny Hurndon went to East Texas State.
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