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  1. Shocked there isn't any more content on this game.
  2. Got ahead of myself. MV vs Winnsboro is next week.
  3. Winnsboro vs MV game this week will be very telling. Hate MV had some injuries but thats football. Brock finally won but I thought it was one of their weakest games. Have to work on the snap to go very far.
  4. I was referencing for Pewitt. My boys played there. Daingerfield was ahead by 14 when we got off the bus. No matter where we played.
  5. Some key miscues. Gunter didn't have a first down in the second half yet scored 21 points.
  6. That's funny since we feel the same about y'all lol.
  7. Great defensive game. I called the pass to start off the 2nd half to my wife. I swear it was the same play against Pewitt in the State Game.
  8. I hope they are. They will be surprised. Need to rumble through my pics when they had this thought about Pewitt in 2010.
  9. What results are you going by?
  10. Should be a great game tonight.
  11. Should be a great game. Brock has played great competition. I hope to go to this one. Gut says Brock but Gunter has proven me wrong before.
  12. That happened against Pewitt against EF. Ref pulls the card after he moved the ball back.
  13. https://www.txgamedayhawks.com/ Brock vs PG
  14. That's what drives coaches to drinking.
  15. I saw a varsity coach run up the score in a JV game on purpose. The next night our HC yelled across the field at halftime if he'd have enough yet. It was 56-0 then. I was doing the chains and thought that was the funniest thing I've seen. The dumbest was the night before.
  16. That's the truth. I just see it as two great programs trying to hone their game. Wish I could make it to this one.
  17. I agree with you on that. But it's the only thing out there to go by in the beginning.
  18. I was shocked Maxpreps has PG at #95 in the Texas rankings overall. Brock was #37. Guess we will see.
  19. I watched Brock vs Godley scrimmage. I expected better out of Godley. Brock toyed with them.
  20. Winny will win or die by the snap. Should be a good game.
  21. Haven't seen that yet Kirt but that stinks. I use that function every week.
  22. Spent many an hour out on their lake. Wonder were all these fancy electric vehicles going to get their juice from?
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