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  1. Burton was leading the district before having to forfeit 7 games just before the end of district play. Would have been a one seed otherwise.
  2. No live stream, but you can listen here: https://mixlr.com/garrisonbulldogs?fbclid=IwAR18JeF_CFAuqMcOz-urowrnUuc30wodGr3-lKh8-zG1jHsw8Zz21PvECXg
  3. This game was an instant classic, however, it's impossible to measure for a first down after the chains and down marker have been moved. The chains never should have moved in the first place, but the officials decision to measure after the fact is just baffling! How did they determine the where the original line to gain was? It was based on pure speculation at that point! It was still a great game, I just hate to see a game end like that.
  4. https://radio.securenetsystems.net/cirrusencore/index.cfm?stationCallSign=KXXE
  5. updated original post with game site and time
  6. Should be another good game. Who wins? 7:30pm Friday at Nacogdoches High School Stadium
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