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  1. So proud of Texas State despite the fact that they got messed over by the NCAA. They'll be back next year for sure, and hopefully they'll be hosting like they should have this year! Split series with Texas when they were #1. Won a series against Arizona who made it to the Regional Finals. Won a series against Coastal Carolina who made it to the Regional Finals. Swept Ohio State. Undefeated regular season in away conference games. Won arguable the deepest and most difficult "mid-major" conference. Yeah, they should have hosted. Got a great recruiting class coming in. Return all of the weekend starting pitchers. More recruits will want to come after this season. Steve Trout is an amazing coach and an even better person. Texas State was the best team in Texas this year. #EatEmUpCats
  2. MASSIVE fight broke out in the stands on the D’ville side. Went on for what felt like an eternity!
  3. The Andrews Director of Bands was one of the two people that passed away.
  4. Thinking of coming to this game with my two young sons (6 and 7). Never been to The Star before. What should I expect?
  5. And what got left off is what is even more impressive to me: they've won 6 state marching band championships since 2003 with four of those being consecutive... and for those that don't know, the UIL doesn't hold the state marching band competition every year. So, the Argyle band won 4 state championships over an 8 year period! That's more dominant that what their girls basketball program has done.
  6. I can imagine! I got some crazy looks at my son’s batting practice tonight when I yelled out after J2C’s son scored during the fourth quarter! Take it to ‘em tomorrow, ‘Cats!!!
  7. The obnoxious HP fans I was sitting next to thought they’d have the largest crowd of the day. Smh. Go Lobos!!
  8. Congratulations need to also go to New Diana for finishing 3rd and Winona for finishing 8th.
  9. I was privileged to get to watch this Mexia senior class play as 8th graders. They only lost two games that entire year. What a great group of young men they were back then and are still today. Eat Cats! Proud of you guys!
  10. The kid that made that video is a senior baritone player in the Big Green Marching Machine. He showed it to me Saturday after the game. He said that he thought Coach King showed it to the team. Pretty cool thing.
  11. Longview versus Lufkin Round 2 Longview versus John Curtis Gilmer versus Liberty Eyleau
  12. Brian, my thoughts and prayers are with you and AB.
  13. Hey poisoned, reading an earlier post about teams in the Traylor era not having lost to the same team two games in a row isn't exactly correct. Back when you and I were in high school, Gladewater beat Gilmer our junior AND senior years of high school. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the game on Friday. I'll be there!
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