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  1. Obviously...Tatum had been stuck in oblivion for how long?
  2. While he played at Center he lived in San Augustine...he is a good kid and his dad is a pretty cool dude!
  3. Its official. Friday Homer Bryce Stadium 7 PM. SA will be home side.
  4. You have to see SA play this year....come back to troll next week since you have no life.
  5. Alto was overrated. Harleton had one good player. Joaquin wasnt deep enough.
  6. Sounds like you sat on the Harleton side
  7. But I guess they dont have much of a team to cheer for...
  8. Every team from here on out will come fully prepared...
  9. No one in region 3 will shut it down, we will see about region 4 when or if the time comes.
  10. Their d wasnt that great, but I think they had a great passing attack.
  11. You just described SA on offense...hence the 84 points last week.
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