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  1. I agree. He catches the ball very well also.
  2. Sabine quarterback Colt Sparks committed to Texas Tech today. He will play tight end for them.
  3. Yeah I saw y’all competing. Congrats on that 2nd place finish in the mile relay. Maybe if your kids were in better shape they all wouldn’t have slowed down at the end of each their leg and beat those kids from Sabine.
  4. And do you truly believe their fastest kids ran track?
  5. They forget what schools are in our football district.
  6. Gotta find that next 8th grade stud to move Jefferson.
  7. At this point I’m starting to think this is a fake account.
  8. I’m sure they had plenty of kids competing as well.
  9. Thats cause we’re developing well rounded athletes in Sabine.
  10. Middle school district track meet today. Can’t wait to see them WO boys speed.
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