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  1. I think it will make us better. We’re young, super young but the mentality has been make it to district healthy and see what happens. Everyone in Sabine with a little common sense knew there was a legit chance we could start 0-5.
  2. Premature threads don’t qualify for free handouts.
  3. Should have been Sabine game. That’s a guaranteed win.
  4. If I hear about a stream for the game I’ll post it.
  5. If y’all want to watch your next opponent drive to Frisco tomorrow and watch us play at The Star. It’s free to get in.
  6. I counted I think 5 balls that should have been intercepted. 2 of those were going the other way for a pick 6.
  7. Gladewater shocks the world tonight… …by returning a kickoff for a touchdown.
  8. It’s homecoming so there will be 50 tonight
  9. It’s good to see these kids getting the recognition they deserve.
  10. Yeah I couldn’t believe they chose our game over a college football game.
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