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  1. We’re pretty young. Can’t seem to put it together this year. Blew a double digit lead against Gladewater last night.
  2. Assuming we’re all in the same district again. Never know with the uil.
  3. I hope we get this kind of response on the Atlanta thread too.
  4. He is probably booking hotel tickets in Arlington for the next 5 years
  5. We young. We did beat Arp and fell to Jefferson to OT. Not going to win many games when you miss 20 free throws.
  6. I am creating a charity to get turf in Sabine. Whose gonna be my first donor?
  7. Personal reasons. Nothing against GW. Would actually love to see the majority of the kids on yalls team win.
  8. Congrats to district 5 for going 3-1. Both game last night could have went either way but y’all came out on top. Not sure what Sabine will look like next year but should definitely be back in the mix in a couple years.
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