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  1. Sabine replaced Episcopal Dallas with Pittsburg. Still a solid schedule.
  2. Yeah that’s him. Sabine couldn’t figure him out.
  3. Kids did love him and worked hard for him. He did great things for a not very good program in Sabine. I was just responding to someone that made it seem like the WO community doesn’t want a coach that’s going to bring in some discipline and hold them accountable. I personally think he’d be a great hire for WO.
  4. Nothing. If they don’t want a coach that’s going to enforce some discipline then they don’t need to hire Sharp.
  5. What league would the males that identify as female play in?
  6. Looked like on the first play out of the delay there was a guy wide open in the middle of the field.
  7. I know enough about Longview’s playoff football history that not one lobo fan wants to see the field goal unit on the field with a chance to tie.
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