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  1. I won’t say no. All you have to do is ask.
  2. That’s unfortunate to not have much support. Is it the demographics of that area? I’ll say this it was heartbreaking last year when they came to Longview to see their I think it was cheerleaders, maybe band kids eating a sandwich and some chips from a ziplock bag that I assume the school provided. I wish I had the means to buy all those kids food. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with eating a sandwich either.
  3. Not having their starting qb completely changed their offense. It was a different animal with Watson.
  4. Doubt it. I’m done with the whole situation. May the best team win tonight. Good luck to both.
  5. Actually looks like you insulted an entire fan base but what do I know.
  6. I try to be respectful. I’m human and get frustrated at times, especially when we lose to Gladewater. I usually end up saying things I shouldn’t.
  7. Show me where I did any of that on this thread. I am not responsible for @Cards2011. I actually admitted how impressed I was with ND in our scrimmage against them, but you seemed to ignore that. Maybe you should ask around. Im not what you’re accusing me of on this site.
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