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  1. Ain’t gonna lie. I kinda want to make the drive for this game just to eat at Pancho’s before the game.
  2. I married a Lobo family, so I root for them. My team doesn’t make the much and if we do it’s usually an early exit. Longview is definitely a run first team imo.
  3. I believe the home side is all stadium seating now.
  4. Heck yeah. Snuck by a 2-8 team full of youth to start the season.
  5. “Goodbye Frisco, Longview is moving on!” this announcer is something else.
  6. Speaking of. Where did the Jefferson posters go?
  7. 10 of 12 actually. #5 Riley Roys is a senior.
  8. Released today I believe. I only know the Sabine kids. Sparks was newcomer of the year.
  9. Is Sanders the only 4th down target Texas has?
  10. Where is the best running back in the nation when you get 1st and goal?
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