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  1. Yet another well worded post to back up post #18 - Please tell me that this is Bradley's last appearance!!!
  2. I'll choose the first one... but in my defense, I don't know either one of 'em! OK, now for something completely different! Monty Pythons Holy Grail or Mel Brooks Spaceballs????????????? (just for fun yesterday, I saw a rear window sticker on a mini cooper what was a wizard saying thou shalt not pass, lol)
  3. No..... But you can put SALT in their oats!!! Ahahaha
  4. The Ref was terrible! And please tell that this will be Bradley's last appearance for us
  5. conscious! Going to either the Future with all of your knowledge and being lost OR going back in time to say 1930 with NONE of your now known knowledge?
  6. Thinking bout making a NEW Comeback..... with prizes of East Texas Dewberries and or Razorwire. Could be EPICALLY entertaining! Currently asking Joe Rogan to host. Please NO WAGERING!
  7. Ahahahaha, thank you stoneykelly that made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. In my opinion.. for the last several years have tweaked their product so much that to a true football fan it pure MADNESS. The players are not to blame for they work and play to best of their abilities. But Way to often I've seen teams that have everything going correctly for them in the first half (offense, defense, and special teams) all of the sudden not have anything.... ANYTHING in the second half! Kansas City destroyed New England this year then came up upon a winless Oakland team on a Thursday nationally televised game and get trounced (which is good for ratings don't you see) just one example but I can go back further having watched teams lay down and/or referees change an outcome and that's sad for the players DO NOT deserve that. The NFL is putting out a BAD product! It happens to Every team at some point. It's big money.
  9. It is my opinion that this member (Lion4everBulldog4now) should either be purged or a Ignore List be installed (as most forums have) so that incessant trolling can be discouraged.
  10. I submit that all of us! As good Americans (NO MATTER WHAT CULTURE OR COLOR) should organize a PROTEST to today's media in the nearest city in which we can gather 100k people whether that be Dallas or Shreveport. Folk's we are being played!
  11. As the last 8 dozen games for Ten.....can we get NEW referress
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