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  1. The more I watch this the more questions I have about the actual benefits to kids and school programs. What are your thoughts?
  2. Most kids don’t know if they love the game at 14and under. A lot of them play because “daddy” wants them to . Kids do burn out- example — young lady, my neice, played from time she was 7 as a pitcher, parents took her to all the lessons she could handle, summer ball, select ball, went to state softball tournament junior and senior years, got offers galore. When asked which school she was going to, her answer was “ I don’t want to play anymore , I am burned out”. It does happen. Now she is a happy mom with a baby boy .
  3. I have no problem with jh kids being pulled. They need to learn- academics first! If a kid does not do the work in classroom then probably not do it on the field. Special circumstances are acceptable.
  4. Have no idea. Don’t know this coach if he walked in the door.
  5. If not mistaken, most communities have some form of pee wee football. When you start at age 3-4 , a lot burn out by 9th grade. Same thing little league baseball has done to high school baseball . How many kids that play little league for 11 years wind up playing baseball in high school. I realize there are exceptions.
  6. Destry


    The old saying that the officials let them play would apply here.
  7. Destry


    78, so the 2 fouls on Buffalo were both missed 3 point shots so Fairfield shot 6 free throws and missed all 6 of them in order to have made the score 84?
  8. Destry


    Did Buffalo get many free throws?
  9. Destry


    I could go for that just as well, in actuality that is not a bad idea.
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