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  1. 2nd back through is an off shoot of the old belly series from the straight T, dive back straight ahead and then fullback right off tackle , “just saying “.
  2. That is an example of good coaching
  3. And the best thing about the dead t is that it is not rocket science and doesn’t take 10 minutes and 5 formations to call one play.
  4. So many young coaches are fad or bandwagon coaches. I am all for coaches doing what they know best but , good grief, run the spread because it is the “in” thing is ridiculous.
  5. Are there any schools in east Texas that run these in the pure form?
  6. I thought someone already said that all coaches work all summer and don’t have an off season. Solution is to do away with the 7 on 7 stuff and go back to smash mouth football. Never heard of the 7 7 league helping a wing t or slot t offense— only the chunck chunck offense. Exceptions are possible
  7. Why not let soccer season start the day after the state baseball tournament ends? I have no problem with this.
  8. Have y’all given any thought that these things come from someone in power complaining about something not going their way?
  9. ???????? Must be a coach under 45 years old
  10. I coached at 2 different schools and we ALL coached from august 1 until June 1 every year—- all 4 of us on the staff
  11. Just remember those 110-20 scores could become 150-25 scores, but I know the sentiment of some coaches on the score—“stop me if you don’t want me scoring 200 on you”.
  12. Yea, sounds stupid doesn’t it? Coaches don’t coach a sport during bb season or baseball season , got to get ready for MY season.
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