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  1. The brawl of Lone Star Texas is about to be on!
  2. Have a good day and best of luck to the team you support, all about football.
  3. You know what happens when you assume something—
  4. I do too but not as much as I like some of the other smash mouth styles.
  5. Veer? I never said any about a veer offense did I? I was wondering when someone was going to dog me for stating my opinion. Let me guess you are a young coach raised in the entitlement world. Have not said anything about any coach as a person like the “Buna” post are saying. Yes I am old school and I subscribe to the philosophy that anyone can knock me as a coach but don’t knock me as a person which , if you check all my post , I have never knocked anyone as a person. Sorrow you were offended—- I did not mean to offend you ——. that was just an added bonus. Love you man.
  6. Not a defensive coach. Strictly a spread man. But no different from 90% of all the other spread guys. You score so I can have the ball back and score. Last week 2 teams 77-63. Houston or Dallas area. Nuff said.
  7. Things go down hill fast if you get the wrong guy. Also good one boy system is a joke most of the time
  8. Is it lack of controll or just precautions? Or maybe still Covid?
  9. How about 4 way tie for 2nd? How would that district determine seedlings? Anyone know?
  10. 2-4 not gonna matter, any one probably one and done. Who do you want to lose to ? Alba, Boles, Honey Grove in first round—— or Timpson, or Centerville-Corrigan winner in 2nd round?
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