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  1. “ going to reassign him” like it has not been done yet? What are they doing up there? Getting the pulse of the community to see how it would go over? Just a thought.
  2. I am really surprised that some young daddy hasn’t gotten on here and said that it was because he run an archaic offense like the slot t and not the fabulous spread that is the savior to all programs.
  3. Not many people that I would want helping in a coach search other than coach gray. He has all the kids at heart- not a few of them. Using his head coaching record as a guide is totally ridiculous- like saying a person who never played baseball can’t coach baseball. Me Gray is a good judge of human beings. After all ,choosing a new head coach is just a crapshoot anyway. Win one place- fall flat at another place, too many variables. Board members are the ones who need to stay out of a coaching search because of personal agendas.
  4. Well said! Problem is that the community coaches can’t realize the truth in your statement. Sometimes a coaching staff does their best coaching job ever and goes 5-5; 6-4; or maybe even 3-8, just not very good. Something like the common man telling the brain surgeon how to do his job.
  5. 106-71 at HS. 3-8 is no reason for making a move. Community and powers that be will find a “reason” if they want you out. Trust me!
  6. Understand where you are coming from. New blood is good sometimes—- and not so good sometimes.
  7. I fail to see the connection. Then why don’t every school that has a bad year reassign the coach because Carthage has had success over the years
  8. Thank you for the information. I have watched him and his program over the years and have a lot of respect for HS athletics. I never saw him try to embarrass another coach or team . My thoughts are that “daddy-ball” may be behind this. The younger daddies probably want a younger guy to come in and run the spread like it’s the answer to every program that has a down year. Best of luck to Chris.
  9. If Centerville controls the ball with their offense, they win 13-7. If not , long night.
  10. That kind of kid would run to contact even if it was 11-1 on the field
  11. Level of toughness declined with the rise in the running of the spread. Connected regardless of what many coaches say.
  12. Whoever gets this job will have a great Supt to work with!
  13. You are right! Forgot about that . BREAKING::: Patroon came open last night! He is going to Paxton as HC. Great hire for them.
  14. Some wanted the rams but-did not want to be confused with the other set of rams on the border. As for another local coach opening, the sexton kudos are trying to Lear coach Brown from over in Blackankle to be their next man. Doubtful since he has multiple class BBBB championships there.
  15. Nope Possum Trot hired the dc from Goober Hill
  16. Huxley just hired their new man. Hired the head coach from Dreka. Gonna run the wing/slot he learned from trueblue
  17. Love your sense of humor. You can make fun of me all day as long as y’all keep running the slot t. By the way I have been on the short end of the stick when it comes to the bleacher experts. I try to be somewhat open minded.
  18. You know that there are no more informed people about football and the coaching profession than the experts in the stands.
  19. Any ole school offense is a refreshing thing to watch in today’s spread-a-mania culture.
  20. Don’t know don’t care who wins but I have heard both run ole school offenses and that tickles the fire out of me. Might even drive to go see them.
  21. Didn’t know harleton ran slot unless it’s out of a shotgun wideout formation. They are not slot t if that was what you are referring to.
  22. NOOOOOO! I don’t care for 4 teams in the playoffs. Take 3 and dc have bye for being the district champ.
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