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  1. Sometimes best way to learn is to sit back and observe
  2. Agree, people who make these decisions sometimes only looks at record and not ability to fit in. All history anyway, hope Tenaha makes a goood decision and y’all continue to be successful
  3. Not denying that at all. Friends told me from Harleton that he came in with some internal problems existing, whatever that means, but would not alter his spread philosophy to fit the kids. Just passing on info.
  4. I can definitely see the bone and T working at Harmony. Probably better than the Wing. It plain and simple, Tenaha can’t keep a coach long.
  5. I understand that there is one highly respected coach on the Flatfork River Staff. Wouldn’t have to move and be there for the long haul.
  6. From what I hear, probably so.
  7. Beckville UG Hawkins OC BS Harleton AG thoughts or corrections? just for grins
  8. Would make some district coaches happy
  9. Not much stick ability in one place—should fit in well at TB
  10. I think Harleton was 2A when Ward was there
  11. He had the studs at Tenaha that could run his system, Harleton not so much
  12. Man, I give a witness to that. Just like when Ward left Tenaha to go to Harleton. A WHOLE different world. Speaking of Ward, would he go back to Tenaha? Asking for a friend. .
  13. Are you saying that the abilities of the athletes are different at Harmony that Tenaha?
  14. Not seeing anything about new coach there . Did they and I missed it?
  15. They’ll pass? Wing t is a great passing offense, lot of people don’t realize that
  16. Like I said before— Jason Herring school of coaching and scoring
  17. Neither does running the spread with 300 pound lineman and running backs with 5.6 speed—- but coaches do it Personal opinion, no offense intended.
  18. 70 points! Must be from the Jason Herring school of coaching!! Just saying.
  19. Ok, out of Harmony but not out of coaching, good deal!
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