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  1. And they said the slot t was too old of an offense .
  2. Having watched Keelings games when I could, I would think he wil be under center —- oh let’s say—— AT LEAST 90% of the time. If it ain’t broke- don’t fix it.
  3. Fully expect Keeling and the Birds to be extremely dangerous come district. Man knows his offense and the qb coming with him just improved that bunch of kids by 100%. My take only.
  4. You got that right!!!!!
  5. Heard that when 7A is created that 2A will drop back to about 225! I have no idea
  6. I am lost on this one, joke or a new school?
  7. My buddy over there agrees. He said they may be one of the better dark horses in 2A. Time will tell.
  8. How good will Harleton be now that they dropped down?
  9. There are some other factors that have to be considered in today’s “me generation “. I would be banned if I list any of these reasons so I will just add —- who holds the power in the community? And the courts are packed with lawsuits.
  10. Question needs to be asked first—- is this a football coach? And is this a baseball school or basketball school? That will determine the decision in Texas . Just saying.
  11. In today’s world so much water can run under that bridge from season to season.
  12. We all know that these rankings are for conversation anyway. What is neat is to see unranked teams come to the top as the season unfolds .
  13. Not going to look too hard, right situation might interest me though.
  14. Any schools still needing oc? Must run something other than spread!!!!
  15. 2nd back through is an off shoot of the old belly series from the straight T, dive back straight ahead and then fullback right off tackle , “just saying “.
  16. That is an example of good coaching
  17. And the best thing about the dead t is that it is not rocket science and doesn’t take 10 minutes and 5 formations to call one play.
  18. So many young coaches are fad or bandwagon coaches. I am all for coaches doing what they know best but , good grief, run the spread because it is the “in” thing is ridiculous.
  19. Are there any schools in east Texas that run these in the pure form?
  20. I thought someone already said that all coaches work all summer and don’t have an off season. Solution is to do away with the 7 on 7 stuff and go back to smash mouth football. Never heard of the 7 7 league helping a wing t or slot t offense— only the chunck chunck offense. Exceptions are possible
  21. Why not let soccer season start the day after the state baseball tournament ends? I have no problem with this.
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