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  1. Well you can take Lincoln Riley’s name off the list
  2. Looked at all games for next week and was surprised at how many district rematches there are this late in the season. Good luck to all teams.
  3. Just curious, how many of these remaining teams base out of either the slot t or wing t?
  4. Same for baseball getting in way of track in the spring
  5. Something to do between fall football and spring football
  6. Soooooo Mart would probably of broke a 100 on the other team, ——- just saying.
  7. So they stopped the game? What about the kids who did not get to play much? No difference between that and the mercy rule.
  8. Looking at Thursday scores, many teams scored over 50 points. If they did not have running clock, some should have. 60’s, 70’s, maybe one in the 80’s. Fail to see how this helped anyone.
  9. Thank y’all for your input, just wondering what the ideas are. Probably just as many for rule as is against it. Coach in Ingleside California went for 2 point conversion—- he was up 104-0 at the time———- maybe 5 th team was playing at that time. I always cling to the thought that what goes around , comes around.
  10. So you agree then that it is ok for some schools to get beat by 85 points, but not other schools(6 man)?
  11. As we see more and more lopsided scores is it time for a 60 point mercy rule in 11 man football? Also time to go back to 3 from each district in the playoffs?
  12. Who you dancing with next 2 years?
  13. Toilet Bowl—— look for espn to be there
  14. Playing for 3rd place? So as not to play Newton?
  15. From National Enquirer— Harmony, Diana, are close. Ore City about 230, Union hill is safe under a 100, Harleton about 220’s, Jefferson safe. But who knows.
  16. I guess next someone will be running the double wing pistol motion option, who knows.
  17. Guesses? Any word leaked out yet?
  18. Everything needs to be run from under center except the single wing
  19. Spread=FAD, everybody’s doing it so we have to. Not true!!
  20. Goats are a hot selling item these days
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