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  1. Some of the playoff team’s record isn’t posted but I quit counting at 42 teams that had 3-7,2-8 records- or worse. Tornillo at 0-9 had already forfeited. To me the UIL should carry some of the blame but hey, I am good with any of it. Let the kids play.
  2. Funny thing is— I am not an abrasive type person, I just do that for fun on here.
  3. Sometimes in life you have to realize that not all things are taken as you intended or as wish they were. After being confronted about a couple of things and reflecting over the last week , I have been made aware of things I have posted. People who know me know that I say a lot of things “tongue in cheek “. I posted some things in that manner and also posted things just to get a rise out of fellow posters. I am sorry they were not taken that way. From now on I will not be posting any negative comments about any offense or of any nature. I surely did not intend to make things sound like I was belittling a coach as a person. A coach’s decision for his team is just that- his decision. Once again my apologies and only positive comments from now on. Good bless yall and have a great week coming up.
  4. The place where I live has a very good coach. Sorry Al. Have a good day.
  5. Having reread your post I am pretty sure you have me confused with someone else.
  6. And your point is?
  7. Only thing I have ever seriously knocked was that dumb spread offense. Got to be the most sissified football EVER. It’s all good bro . Life’s too short to get worked up over something you read on a forum.
  8. Excuse me???? My towns coach and program??? “Son you must be outside your mind”. Obviously you have not read my post with the same literary interpretation that they were intended.
  9. Simmer down Falcon, my statement was done with tongue in cheek, didn’t mean to rile ya.
  10. I would say that they didn’t focus too much on defense.
  11. Don’t most community coaches know more than the actual coach? After all they are the experts.
  12. Yes, let the underwater polo coach also coach football since it is SO important in Bullard,Texas.
  13. I have lived through more of these tragedies as a teacher than you can imagine. Takes the student body a long time to deal with these. Prayers for such a good group of people.
  14. Let me guess , with those size lineman Scott was running the ——spread.
  15. This whole part of the conversation just blows my mind, good post retiredfan1!
  16. Just going to say it like it is—- baseball has ruined more football programs than any other sport in the UIL. I am not questioning ANY one, just stating a foregone conclusion.
  17. Just saw them once time and they were wing t
  18. So if I go shotgun with wing back right, upback behind right guard, halfback beside me, and a split end left, then am I in the spread? No wait , already a name for that—— single wing.
  19. Well there goes the wing t.
  20. Where did Bodden go?
  21. Was there for 2 years a long time ago, had one the best group of 8th graders I have ever seen. Nobody stayed close to them in football but some turned different ways in high school and they kinda petered out . Some of these kids are running things now. Back then it I detected some big school wantabes because of the proximity to Palestine.
  22. Seems to me that defensive 9 tech could meet the qb and fb at the mesh point fairly easy unless they load block that 9, if run out of pistol or gun.
  23. Tough place to win consistently.
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