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  1. did they just leave the pillow stuffings on the field?
  2. Y’all should get by them pretty easily
  3. Haven’t heard from the retiredfan.
  4. The brawl of Lone Star Texas is about to be on!
  5. Have a good day and best of luck to the team you support, all about football.
  6. You know what happens when you assume something—
  7. I do too but not as much as I like some of the other smash mouth styles.
  8. Veer? I never said any about a veer offense did I? I was wondering when someone was going to dog me for stating my opinion. Let me guess you are a young coach raised in the entitlement world. Have not said anything about any coach as a person like the “Buna” post are saying. Yes I am old school and I subscribe to the philosophy that anyone can knock me as a coach but don’t knock me as a person which , if you check all my post , I have never knocked anyone as a person. Sorrow you were offended—- I did not mean to offend you ——. that was just an added bonus. Love you man.
  9. Not a defensive coach. Strictly a spread man. But no different from 90% of all the other spread guys. You score so I can have the ball back and score. Last week 2 teams 77-63. Houston or Dallas area. Nuff said.
  10. Things go down hill fast if you get the wrong guy. Also good one boy system is a joke most of the time
  11. Is it lack of controll or just precautions? Or maybe still Covid?
  12. How about 4 way tie for 2nd? How would that district determine seedlings? Anyone know?
  13. 2-4 not gonna matter, any one probably one and done. Who do you want to lose to ? Alba, Boles, Honey Grove in first round—— or Timpson, or Centerville-Corrigan winner in 2nd round?
  14. Didn’t they go from the flexbone back to the spread when Ward came back?
  15. When was the last time WH had a winning season? Do athletes go elsewhere?
  16. Thing is that Joaquin has been in a “man making “ offense for some time and Sville has been mostly in the wide open type. There is something to be said about slobber knocker style of football. IMO
  17. Remember the Titans— line in there where one player tells the other “honesty ain’t too high on you people priorities”. Same way about some teams. js
  18. Blessed, you and I were typing the same type info at the same time. I guess great minds do think alike
  19. I see that QC lost to New Boston but run roughshod over the 3 2A powerhouses Rivercrest, Como Picton, and Clarksville. Are they that much improved?
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