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  1. Pulling for the team wearing green
  2. Heard tv station in that area will not televise the college game scheduled for Saturday but will run a rebroadcast of this classic because of expected overflow crowd at game Thursday night. I hope one of the teams runs the slot t or wing t and that team wins.
  3. You are ahead by 6, 4 minutes left in game, 2 plays you would want to run, or throw. I understand all the variables that games have. Just thinking.
  4. Is it true that Harleton only had 2 starting lineman suited out? Heard that 3 of their interior linemen were in street clothes.
  5. In that case, a double barrel shotgun would be best
  6. The coaches are correct on all accounts. True, I think you may be from Joaquin but not sure . I love to watch Joaquin’s offense
  7. Not saying the pistol is bad but by the time the qb gets the ball in a pistol, under center he would of already had his first step AND read.
  8. I agree, even more so in 2A. What I love about slot t teams.
  9. All for the veer. Just that when a team runs the pistol veer , it is not the same as the split back veer. Alignment is a “shade” different.
  10. And the identical same kids for the last 5 years, no one graduated, makes some of them 22-23 years old and still playing high school ball. Just messing with ya. Some kids fit other systems better.
  11. Seems to be the new fad. Ever thought that if it gives the qb more time to look , it also gives the defense more time to read, react, and get to the ball? Just thinking.
  12. Heard SH was also going to run the split back veer some.
  13. And they said the slot t was too old of an offense .
  14. Having watched Keelings games when I could, I would think he wil be under center —- oh let’s say—— AT LEAST 90% of the time. If it ain’t broke- don’t fix it.
  15. Fully expect Keeling and the Birds to be extremely dangerous come district. Man knows his offense and the qb coming with him just improved that bunch of kids by 100%. My take only.
  16. You got that right!!!!!
  17. Heard that when 7A is created that 2A will drop back to about 225! I have no idea
  18. I am lost on this one, joke or a new school?
  19. My buddy over there agrees. He said they may be one of the better dark horses in 2A. Time will tell.
  20. How good will Harleton be now that they dropped down?
  21. There are some other factors that have to be considered in today’s “me generation “. I would be banned if I list any of these reasons so I will just add —- who holds the power in the community? And the courts are packed with lawsuits.
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