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  1. Or that’s what the “community “ wants.
  2. Ummm, great offense and below average defense—- must be a spread guy. You score so I can get the ball back and score some more. Yep , sounds about right. hehehehe
  3. So right!!! Same as “ you’re just not a good fit here” and “we need someone with a little more vigor” when a board member decides he doesn’t like an individual coach. And on and on and on.
  4. Did the softball coach do football also?
  5. We even got help from a guy who had run it himself and he said penetration was the best way. We did and were fortunate to shut them out.
  6. No sir 1981 straight single wing with direct snap to tailback. We had to stop it!
  7. Didn’t know if he was still alive or not. Played Italy when he was coaching there. Run that single wing with the Shelby kid.
  8. I will bet a dollar to a donut that you don’t see the flex bone at HS anytime soon.
  9. First hand here—-April board meeting, no hint, no discussion, no conversation with AD or supt. Bam-done
  10. The meeting were some of the craziest things happen in regard to teacher and coach reassignments. Shouldn’t happen but does every year.
  11. Hope you applied-anybody with your knowledge should be coaching. Remember if you get the job just don’t over coach. Hahahaha- sorry- just messing with you.
  12. Definitely a different environment. And who knows, another school might of been looking at that coach for their school but when he shows up dressed like that, do you ignore it?
  13. I was always a blue jeans, polo shirt and cap guy for football games if the head coach allowed it. Dang if I ever got a basketball team to the state tournament I definitely would dress in a professional manner.
  14. I will start with average of 4 years. At some schools a shorter time and at other school longer time. Also the situation at a school dictates how long an assistant may stay at a particular school. Have heard of coaches never unpacking their suitcase.
  15. I know, you’re thinking that man is crazy but have seen both situations.
  16. Hasn’t always been bigger , faster, stronger winning. The ability of a 170 lb.kid with quickness— I’ll take any day. And as far as safety goes , in the spread 2 kids going full speed and colliding is much more dangerous than kids blocking below the waist from 2-3 yards away.Think of it this way— which is more deadly- 2 vehicles going 60 mph hitting head on - or a vehicle going 60mph hitting a still object. Corny but true.
  17. I agree but the other guy might not. Physics could be used back then but now just stronger is better .
  18. Good luck! Been drawing teacher retirement since 2007 and still draw the same amount today.
  19. Only the strong survive in some fields.
  20. Thought hully gully was what the me generation wanted, that way little Johnny’s skills could be show cased, forget about team concept.
  21. Well there goes the wing t out the door.
  22. Good luck to him. Hope he runs the wing t.
  23. Gee golly whoopey do. HUH???
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