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  1. Just my observation from watching Harleton play JB. They play hard, they run spread because I think that is all their coach knows really well, qb is in for a long season if he last because he would not back down from a mack truck, not much speed, but they are fun to watch, and I like green and white.
  2. They both have blue and white so i guess the one that wears solid blue uniform
  3. Going with Harmony because i like red and white better than black and orange
  4. True blu, sounds like my kind of offense
  5. Do we see the Tenaha spread against the Smackover spread? NAW
  6. Going with Hemphill just because i like green and white better than black and gold
  7. I am from the early 70s and from dragonland. Did my student teaching at Garrison in fall of 75 under Buddy Pierce.
  8. Kirt, just commenting in general. Personnaly, i wish more schools would run the wing t or power I instead of the chunk and dunk or scramble or the choke and puke or the "you run down the field as fast as you can and i will throw it" offense. Course, i dont understand the spread but each to his own. Just old school.
  9. Learned long time ago that penetration is the key to stopping the basic single wing, more throwing possibilities out of the above diagram than regular single wing, in this diagram qb will have to be better athlete.
  10. With tongue in cheek, we gotta have more reps with the sped offense so we can score more points so that we dont have to place that dreaded DEFENSE. We gotta outscore them.
  11. I see a lot of red in this district, 5 of the 6 teams have red uniforms.
  12. Your opinion on schools just having one scrimmage? Preseason games use to be used for what scrimmages are used for now. Just wondering.
  13. Its a scrimmage, more bad sometimes comes out of a scrimmage than good, just ask TATUM.
  14. Don't get carried away with how good we look. Remember, good looking teams in a scrimmage have been known to go ofer when the season really starts. Scrimmages just let kids hit somebody else, other than a teammate.
  15. If you cannot take care of the "most dangerous man" on playside, then ANY offense is done. Can I get an amen?
  16. Thats correct, have to use the backs on passing routes as they will be hard to defend once all the fakes are carried out on your play-action passes. Will have to make sure uncovered lineman block backside. This may not be right but it sounds good.
  17. Just a small difference in athletic ability from the spread in tenaha to the spread in harleton. I know he knows the spread very well.
  18. Harleton changed offenses is what i heard.Going to spread with bunch of slow guys. Several new coaches. Maybe 2-8, lucky 3-7, good year 4-6, great year 5-5. But been around long enough to know that u never know which group of kids show up on friday night.
  19. The wing t pistol has some good points. I have also seen it where a team left all 3 backs in the backfield. Looked like the diamond T pistol.
  20. Those 7 to 10 passes a game are what makes any version of the T dangerous.
  21. Does anyone know of schools changing the offense? Any leaving the spread to go to the slot or wing t?
  22. No, just that most kids coming out of college to coach were brought up in the spread age .
  23. Just curious, do many of you non-spread coaches have trouble finding first year coaches that know anything other than the spread?
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