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  1. Green,blue, gold mixed. Yuk mascott would be the RECs i guess rebels,eagles, cats
  2. I am going with Bowman as the most likely. Why? Rings
  3. Neither is running the offense that gives the kids the best chance to win and sustain a program. Also, dont hate on the coach who coaches what he knows best
  4. Now, just tell me how many times have you applied for the hc job at shelby, evidently you are the MAN.
  5. You tell em greezy. Not everyone has to run the chunk and dunk in order to be successful.
  6. True, but on the other hand, if you put enough quick pressure on the qb, that may pull them out of their passing game. I would be more afraid of an outside option game against a 3-3,or as they used to call it, the 5-3 stack.
  7. Sounds like Tenaha and their head coach situations. just saying the truth
  8. Eva is a girl's name and Dale could be boy or girl,all I know
  9. Was he driving the FORD through the SCOTTland FIELDS also?
  10. Nope, not on my tablet,all it does is spin, had already tried it
  11. Dont know how, have tried and cant get there, any pointers
  12. Do these coaches not understand that there are more people who think less of them for doing this than people who agree with them. What goes around, comes around.
  13. Boy I bet they are proud of that!! They ought to get 2 wins for that game. Maybe even a "we broke our scoring record" trophy. Wow what an event! I heard Harleton even scored 27 on them.
  14. Cousin say "baseball,baseball,baseball,baseball". Any more questions?
  15. Cousin said app process closed, still no names coming up. I think, what does cousin know anyway?
  16. Friend told me that happened at bs this year, he had a son playing and bs pressed the whole game, 113 to 27.
  17. Thanks dob. In coaching we are to work for all youth, with priority on the ones you coach, so shellacking the youth on the other team is just not in my book.
  18. With all due respect, I can't buy that. Too much other practice time for that. If that is their strategy,they should do that nearly all practice every day. Just my opinion.
  19. Someone explain to me why there is the 45 point rule in 6 man football. I am serious.
  20. What determines "running up the score"? Lets say a team is ahead 100 to 25 and is still in full court press with starters. Subs are playing and not pressing but run when they get the ball. Which is considered worse?
  21. Sometimes the best assistant coach makes the worst head coach.
  22. That means tw will be an assistant??
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