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  1. This depends on many factors. Location,community wishes, available funds, etc. 50 year old coach-27 year’s experience-$55000 for teaching( my wife has 22 years-salary at her school(rural 2AA)54000 just teaching.) Now, take that 54000, add 7000 for head coach of one sport, add 2000 for assistant in football.$63000. School probably pay 2-3000 year toward his insurance if he takes it. Oh my — that’s 65-66000 in rural 2AA. I am here drinking a Dr Pepper and looking at a school that does that. Granted not all does it but is reasonable when the school pays ad/hc 75-80000. Just saying. I sometimes have strong opinions but I don’t always agree with myself.Have a good day bro.
  2. That’s what I am talking about!!
  3. Come teach/coach in school Z inner city school for 75000 or come coach in rural school x for 65000, x for me every time. $$$ not everything
  4. 2AAschool I know has 9 men coaches and 3 women coaches. Probably the norm, I don’t know. Want to know where some money could be saved? Schools that size used to have 4 men and 1 or 2 women coaches. Most are whining that they need more coaches . No they don’t, they need all coaches to coach more than one or two sports!! Schools that size the adhc should teach 3-4 classes. Save some money. If they don’t want to coach, get another job!
  5. Could go 2 ways. But from what I have observed over the years—— big mistake. Should of hired the ag teacher from North Podunk.
  6. Have not heard ANYTHING about this job. Internal ?
  7. When was the last time Surrat changed anything in his offense?
  8. What? Nobody beat anybody else like 101-3? Just funning.
  9. Second time around for a Willis. Sim Willis was at HS in the 80’s.
  10. Where can I find a composite schedule for this , I am not on maxpreps. Tenaha vs Mcleod girl’s location. Tonight at 6:00.
  11. I didn’t think in todays world that any coach had to coach more than one sport. With schools having 12-25 coaches aren’t they all “specialized”? Pet peeve of mine!
  12. My first thought is that a good coach coaches the sport he loves and a great coach coaches the kids he loves.
  13. Chance the offense would be a good place to start.
  14. Destry


    True, good philosophy. Got to find a way to solve the burnout problem that occurs about high school level. Percentage of kids that play high school ball that started as 5-6 year olds is a lot less than most people think. Let’s say 100 play the little ball but only 25 play high school— figure it out. Just my guess. Keep running the slot!
  15. What offense did he run at jb
  16. Or some 2-3aa head coaches that think the grass is greener on the other side
  17. Destry


    This post has some merit to it but what if it was a baseball team getting beat badly, how many schools in the state of Texas would tell the team that y’all are losing so badly that from now on you can come out and practice baseball and we will play a couple of intrasquad game this year.?
  18. Hope he buckles his chin strap and tightens the ole jock strap. Money is not everything!
  19. Destry


    Do teams not run a slow down or stall offense anymore? That could hurt them down the line also.
  20. Now that’s funny! No problem with the pass, 8-12 times a game instead of 48-60 times a game. Just remember- any forward pass is better than a backward pass.
  21. Wing and slot man here. I understand all the reasons for the spread but sometimes it be hard for old school guy to buy in. True Spread has qb and one back most of the time . If they are a running out of that formation it is not hard to decipher how many backs are going to carry the ball/— less any motion stuff. Wing and slot formation last time I checked had 4 possible running backs to carry. “Oh but they are going to load the box against us”——-Please do!!!! Just saying.
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