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  1. Bet dollar to donut that they run the puke and choke offense
  2. So right. That offense is not the savior of football as many think.
  3. Therein lies part of the problem. Not everyone can run the chunk and dunk.
  4. Bring back the single wing!!
  5. Be a tough job to follow the Bakers at Indian land.
  6. Yep, I would guess that the new coach has a re-sale job on his hands. The morning after he is hired he needs to be in the halls meeting kids , shaking hands, and introducing himself. Stay away from the administration offices. Just my take.
  7. I am proud of all these kids . Now to find out if signing means anything to them or do they decide and “switch” to another school. Unfortunately that is the world of college athletics today.
  8. $$$$$ not everything. Why leave a good donut in order to have a soured coconut baloney sandwich.? Hope you get my point.
  9. Wrong district. 21Aa has Douglass, New Summerfield, Alto , Cushing and couple of others
  10. Kids really wanted to play basketball-right?
  11. Did they put a committee together to determine who should be on the committee to choose a coach. That used to be the superintendent’s job to choose coach then bring him to the board. After all, that is part of why he makes 150-200 thousand dollars a year while he has teachers making 35-45000 a year.
  12. Where can I find this information? Boys and girls.
  13. Runner’s punishment for going down so easy.
  14. They might as well go hunt a young gun who wants his first head gig.
  15. Been told by someone who worked there for a few minutes that kids don’t have any desire to succeed. Probably lot of transients from around lake, don’t know that for sure.
  16. I love it. Sounds like you been there done that.
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