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  1. I like purple and white better than black and gold. Saw Hallsville last Friday night— played some pretty good football!
  2. All I got to say is “ poor babies”.
  3. I just like green and white better than purple.
  4. It’s called- new administration- run off average coach with ok record in order to get my guy in with a 4-7 record. It just happens more than you know. Seen it lots of time. Hope they do right the ship soon. Grapeland has some good Sandy land kids.
  5. Saying lions take it easy on sneel—35-0. Then play all subs 2 nd half.
  6. I so much agree, like I said before it is a man building offense if done right. You have to WANT to be tough in order to do it properly.
  7. Dang it! I had sneel and 3 points!!
  8. Tenaha didn’t build the taj mahal for no reason at all ya know
  9. I think this district goes 3-1 in bi-district regardless of who makes the playoffs.
  10. Bearcats May not break a sweat until 2nd round playoffs and maybe not then either.
  11. Man I just fooling wit ja, I know how to pronounce that metropolis.
  12. did they just leave the pillow stuffings on the field?
  13. Y’all should get by them pretty easily
  14. Haven’t heard from the retiredfan.
  15. The brawl of Lone Star Texas is about to be on!
  16. Have a good day and best of luck to the team you support, all about football.
  17. I do too but not as much as I like some of the other smash mouth styles.
  18. Veer? I never said any about a veer offense did I? I was wondering when someone was going to dog me for stating my opinion. Let me guess you are a young coach raised in the entitlement world. Have not said anything about any coach as a person like the “Buna” post are saying. Yes I am old school and I subscribe to the philosophy that anyone can knock me as a coach but don’t knock me as a person which , if you check all my post , I have never knocked anyone as a person. Sorrow you were offended—- I did not mean to offend you ——. that was just an added bonus. Love you man.
  19. Not a defensive coach. Strictly a spread man. But no different from 90% of all the other spread guys. You score so I can have the ball back and score. Last week 2 teams 77-63. Houston or Dallas area. Nuff said.
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