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  1. 2nd back through is an off shoot of the old belly series from the straight T, dive back straight ahead and then fullback right off tackle , “just saying “.
  2. That is an example of good coaching
  3. And the best thing about the dead t is that it is not rocket science and doesn’t take 10 minutes and 5 formations to call one play.
  4. So many young coaches are fad or bandwagon coaches. I am all for coaches doing what they know best but , good grief, run the spread because it is the “in” thing is ridiculous.
  5. Are there any schools in east Texas that run these in the pure form?
  6. I thought someone already said that all coaches work all summer and don’t have an off season. Solution is to do away with the 7 on 7 stuff and go back to smash mouth football. Never heard of the 7 7 league helping a wing t or slot t offense— only the chunck chunck offense. Exceptions are possible
  7. Why not let soccer season start the day after the state baseball tournament ends? I have no problem with this.
  8. Have y’all given any thought that these things come from someone in power complaining about something not going their way?
  9. ???????? Must be a coach under 45 years old
  10. I coached at 2 different schools and we ALL coached from august 1 until June 1 every year—- all 4 of us on the staff
  11. Just remember those 110-20 scores could become 150-25 scores, but I know the sentiment of some coaches on the score—“stop me if you don’t want me scoring 200 on you”.
  12. Yea, sounds stupid doesn’t it? Coaches don’t coach a sport during bb season or baseball season , got to get ready for MY season.
  13. And how is that a problem? Stop giving coaches an “off sports season” and everybody coach all sports all year!!!
  14. There are reasons they go to other schools. Says something about the Clarksville ISD. Sometimes a body needs a complete transfusion and not a partial. As long as the community tolerates it, “it is what it is”.
  15. Two rules 1.the head football coach must be the AD also 2. Refer to rule number 1!
  16. Do you feel sorry for a young coach who goes to a school that just run off a highly successful good coach. That young’un don’t stand a chance unless he buddy buddies with the right community coaches
  17. Why am I not surprised?
  18. Blue is my favorite color but , come on man, at least they could spruce up that color blue a little
  19. Long tenured coach, history kinda tells us that it is hard to hit the nail on the head with the first coach hired after a long tenured coach leaves, unless a long tenured assistant is promoted. Maynot be always right —— but sounds good doesn’t it
  20. And the kids get caught in the middle!
  21. I stand corrected, my math was off, guess I was using the new math
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