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  1. Wet Hardin was supposed to beat Cushing Frankston was supposed to beat Winona EF was supposed to heat Beckville Marshall was supposed to stay on the field with Carthage Maud was supposed to beat Harleton who else??
  2. I forgot to add—— these two teams get together, pick Joaquin to win the brawl—— tougher kids than the other team
  3. Going against retiredfan and pick Cushing 27-13
  4. Haven’t seen Sville but have seen joe. Both teams play best game—-Joaquin 35-Sville 20
  5. Just meddling you, I know it used to be called Boles Home because it started out as a home for boys who needed a special place to go.
  6. Does that mean that Boles is home?
  7. My definition of 11 man that runs the spread—gun—— 6 man on steroids.
  8. Man of wisdom. I have said it before and I will say it again—- some want the spread because it is the fad. As one coach said to his assistants “ man we got to run the gun and spread “. That coach is a good guy but……..
  9. Football is a game, this is life! Puts everything in perspective.
  10. Please remember that he has a family , some of them may be on smoaky. AND there is also the possibility that people may be talking about one of us in the same manner. Take me for instance , some people don’t like me and I never met the folks. Food for thought.
  11. I take it that you are not President of his fan club
  12. Don’t think it will matter. Cats by 21
  13. Exactly what has happened in Henderson? Are the athletes bailing for other schools? Drought or what?
  14. Get that slot t rolling!!! Have a big night.
  15. Daddy ball will get you a lot of 3-7,4-6,5-5, and on a good day maybe 6-4 if you play the Sourcream Puffs a couple of times
  16. What district and what school? cooper
  17. U R SOOOO RIGHT. Understand that Harleton is no longer wing t and went to the pistol wing, did you see that last night?
  18. I heard it was the defensive struggle of the year, 10 run rule ended the game
  19. Are there not the same quality of athletes at Harmony as in Tenaha?
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