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  1. Unless Harmony can keep the ball , then we are talking about a long night for them
  2. Hey, why not let 2 first year jr high coaches from each team call the varsity games on Friday night? Either a lot of penalties or no penalties . I am being very facetious.
  3. I am definitely ok with that.incomplete pass stops the clock
  4. Yep, but in the wing t, slot t, dead t, and power I, need an average athlete at qb, pass 8-10 times a game if needed and no more than 20-30 yards, just fairly accurate .
  5. I use the term fad because to me it is something so many decide to run regardless of talent level . Depending on your age , May or May not remember the late 60’s and 70’s. The veer and the wishbone were the same types of fads. Until something else came along then everyone jumped on that bandwagon for a few years . It is what it is.
  6. I would bet some of these young coaches call everything the “spread” and some may actually run these other offenses. Doesn’t matter to the young ones— the spread is the fad nowadays—- got to be with the in crowd.
  7. Thank you, that is what I wanted.
  8. Man, thought I would get lot more responses as prevalent as it is today.
  9. Serious question—- what is the difference between the following offenses? run and shoot West coast true spread
  10. Call me “duh” but going on a hunch—- green and white by 15. 29-14
  11. Which ever is not running the spread or puke and choke offense
  12. Watched team last night throw the ball 58 times, that’s right 58 times. Would you call that c&d? Don’t have much confidence in their running game do they.
  13. So , on the LH losses, their old school offense bested your chunk and dunk
  14. Crandall, 45 years ago we played jv, their assistant coaches called the game. We had 2 touchdowns called back first time we had the ball. They had 55 yards of penalties, we had 275 yards. Yep we lost. Our boys were afraid th breath. I am just venting, this game just stuck in my head
  15. I will not use the word disappointment , instead who were you the most surprised by, by their loss?
  16. Heck go ahead and send them the trophy.
  17. I will start: Flat Fork Friars 35 Milam Minutemen 34. Game played at noon today
  18. Restaurants are calling all hands on deck— looking for better economic impact on city than when the nation focused on shuttle explosion.
  19. Thank you . At my age it will take me 2 months to figure out what that other guy said, if indeed he said what I thought he said or if he really said what he thought I needed to here in order to understand the message he was conveying at the time the thought entered his brain.learned all that from trying to figure out what the President says when he try’s to read the teleprompter.
  20. Is the fb field in Spring Hill at the new high school?
  21. Now this actually happened- head scratcher— his team was behind by 12 , he had 2 time outs left, about 8 minutes left in game-other team had ball and were taking their on little time running the clock down—that coach never used a time out to stop clock. Yep you’re right— he got beat by 12.
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