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  1. Hey girl! where you been??? How's college life??? hey! i've been in hibernation for about a year it seems! haha... i've been great. just working and going to school. finishing up finals this next week. hopefully moving to the dallas/ft worth area this summer. all is well on my end, how are you? what school are you at now?
  2. after this crazy series with the dallas mavericks, i'm liking baron davis more and more. not because he's the driving force to their success against my favorite team, but because he has so much energy. so much life is in him when he plays. he never gives up. he knew coming into this game it would be tough and it looks like he did his homework. for once, dirk needs to take some pointers on how to take over a game and throw the momentum back on your side. c'mon mavs!!!
  3. how in the heck do you build a tunnel as sophisticated as this and no one notice??? wow...
  4. ahhh i just got 18.718 seconds.. yeeaaaaa lol
  5. 15.688... not too bad for my second try
  6. i believe in miracles. one of my mom friends had this horrible case of cancer that had spread to most major organs in his body and the doctors thought he was not going to live much longer. well he had to go to a lot of specialists because of the severity of his cancer. he went on his visit and it had been a few weeks since his last visit at another doctor. when they took scans of his organs and insides, they called the other hospitals asking "what are we supposed to be looking for? there's nothing here." and they were right, the cancer wasn't there, it was just gone. now isn't that freaky? after being told by several doctors that you've got this massive case of cancer and all of a sudden it's gone? without treament? pretty cool
  7. I'm getting my mom a massage, dad a gift card to Best Buy and a close family friend a gift card to Texas Roadhouse. I don't have a lot to buy for this Christmas and I'm thankful for that!!!! I'm a broke college kid! haha.. what are you all getting your family members, friends, etc for this holiday season?? :turned:
  8. i just did my first one... i love it! kinda stimulates your brain when you got nothing to do. lol it bet it works some part of your brain that makes you smarter... or at least i'm hoping!!!!! haha
  9. Runner4Life


    what are those tattoos people can get that are not permenant but only stay for maybe two weeks? i think my mom got one on her arm to freak me and my four sisters out... kinda like.. woah! look at how nasty this looks! never get one! haha but for those who wouldn't like the permanent tattoos but want one for a while, try those out. i'm not sure what the name of the is or where you can get them...
  10. good idea... and let's keep them ALL in this topic to save the room and confusion... if there are any posts about a track meet being held outside of this post then i'll just move it here. thanks guys! i know gladewater hosts a track meet every year in the middle of the season, i'm not sure exactly when it will be but it's usually big and a really good meet. :thumbsup:
  11. my friend would "cruise the loop" in tyler when we were in high school. her and her other friend were driving along one night and saw this guy, he flagged them down, they pulled over, she GETS IN THE CAR WITH HIM (i have no idea why i had stupid friends haha jk but seriously, who would really do that??) they go driving and talk for a bit, come back and she gives him a picture. 4 months later he finally calls her back. (she has a slight hearing disability so she wears aids and that was what scared him) they got married less than a year later. sweet huh? haha to this day we will be riding along broadway and she'll go... "sure you dont wanna pull some guy over? it worked for me!!!"
  12. Runner4Life


    i dont like tatoos at all.. at least not on me. i would never get one.. but some of them look alright on people, not most of them though. just my opinion though.. i dont hold anything against people that have them, i just dont care for them
  13. ahhh sorry so big! i didn't intend for it to be massive like this.. oops!
  14. WOW.. i must say that woman is PYSCHO!!!! i couldn't even imagine wanting to do that to anyone.. i am speechless... :wacko:
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