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  1. I wonder if the grass could be GREENer on the other side?
  2. Cooper & Timpson battle it out again for the Region 3 title…
  3. No sir. #6, #9, & #5 are jr’s. #44 is a soph & the big defensive end #52 is a jr. There’s plenty of talent on the jv coming up to fill in the holes for the ones graduating.
  4. Congrats to Timpson. Go bring the state title back to region 3! Cooper has nothing to hang their head about. Like was mentioned in a post above, Cooper started strong & had their chances, but the holding penalties in the first half were killers….couldn't get the big stop on the 4th & 4 midway through the 4th qtr to give themselves a shot to go win it. Gotta take advantage of every opportunity against a team like Timpson. Good chance these two teams meet up again next year.
  5. I don’t think anyone ever imagined that kind of outcome between two 12-0 teams. Both with great RB’s in Rodney Thomas & Bam. I remember an article years later where former Groveton coach Scott Phillips was talking about that game. Phillips said it was one of those nights where literally anything they called just worked lol.
  6. No I get it….but y'all tend to get defensive when people talk about Timpson like they're a one man show. Like you said, Timpson will ride Bussey as far as he can take them & there’s nothing wrong with that. Hey, if you got a stud that can put a team on his shoulders & carry them, then by all means do it. But, if the team goes as Bussey goes, then thats kind of a one man show.
  7. Do you think Timpson wins the Joaquin & Garrison games without Bussey? Serious question. Seems like y'all try to downplay his importance to that team. Yes, theres other talent around him, but isn't it fair to say Bussey is what makes the team go?
  8. Cooper’s defense has 17 int’s on the season. The one big pass Joaquin hit early on was defended well by Cooper, but the safety just mistimed the jump. First time all season he’s mis played one like that but, it happens lol… no doubt Timpson is a different animal though & will be the Dawgs toughest test.
  9. Kirk didn’t think we had a shot the last 2 weeks lol. He’s not gonna give Cooper a bit of credit unless maybe they pull it off this week. Somebody told me a few days ago on here that if Timpson wins, it won’t be because they have Bussey & Cooper don't. I disagree with that. The kid is an absolute difference maker. An athlete like that, especially at the small school level can single handily take a game over. Sure, Timpson has other athletes, but Bussey is THAT dude. It all will come down to whether or not Cooper can limit Bussey’s big plays.
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