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  1. You don’t have to be scared to still get beat. Pooit ain’t what they use to be & Cooper is better than what they were back years ago when the two were in the same district. Hopefully y'all will come into the district. I do think it’ll make the district better even though Pooit ain’t the Pooit of old. Come get y'all some lol
  2. Gonna take a while for the shock to wear off from that one
  3. Gotta give it Garrison. That was a good ole fashioned butt whoopin. You don’t see a Casto led Cooper team get completely bullied around much, but they did yesterday. Garrisons size up front was crazy & had their way. If there’s one poster on here you hate to see be right, it’s kirtfalcon…. good luck to your bulldogs you ole slap!
  4. thing is, Cooper may not have a J’koby Williams, but they don’t need a D1 runningback to beat Garrison….
  5. yea, cooper will be fixin to start preparing for the region final
  6. Gotta admire your spirit sir gonna be a Timpson vs Cooper quarterfinal again though
  7. We’ll see….if #6 doesn't play for Cooper, that’ll tilt things in Garrison’s favor some.
  8. Do you even know what hapless means rock ? It definitely doesn't fit the description of an 11-1 top 5 team. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt & assume you know that, but that d-field tigah arrogance comes out & you wanted to try & do a little trolling lol.
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