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  1. LOL, is he really that petty?
  2. Not much talk from the HG faithful on Fletch coming over. Are you not excited about the hire warrior fans? Lol
  3. I thought it was a bit of a head scratcher as well when it got posted the other day that he was going to HG.
  4. With Fletcher coming over from Leonard to take over at Honey Grove, the Warriors will become an even bigger threat to end Cooper’s run of district titles. Fletcher’s had some success against the Dawgs over the last few meetings & you know he would love to come in & stick it to Cooper & end their run. Casto has Cooper rolling right now with plenty of young talent coming up & HG has some good young talent as well. This rivalry will be fun to watch these next few years.
  5. Wow, I guess he was ready to get away from Fieszel & Gunter lol.
  6. Outside of a playoff loss & possibly Hooks, curious as to who you think the third loss comes to?
  7. Drennon is bound to get Grand Saline on track soon. I’m thinking they’ll be pretty solid. Hooks will be the biggest test in non district. They always have athletes. You're right about Lone Oak not being what they use to be, but you can bet they’ll be up for that game. Collinsville was pretty young last year if I remember right & will probably be better this year. Patterson is a pretty good coach. 10-0 is not out of the question with the Dawgs returning several key pieces & how Casto & staff has had them playing. I’m gonna say they go 9-1 with the lone regular season loss being to Hooks. My early prediction is 10-2... possibly 11-2 if things fall right come playoffs.
  8. Agree it will be a tough region, but thankfully Cooper returns several key players. Maybe Casto will beef the non-district schedule up a tad.
  9. I like the Dawgs also for undefeated district champs for the 3rd straight year.
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