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  1. Can the rebels keep it interesting? I think the Dawgs roll again.
  2. He has a thing for hating on Cooper lol...
  3. Your team just got beat by the 75th ranked 3A D2 team. Sit down sir...
  4. Oh I’m not denying there’s some good teams down that way & that district 9 is not real stout. Not really worried about the rankings, but to say Cooper wouldn't even finish 4th down there is ridiculous.
  5. Yea Carlisle has played a tough schedule. I wouldn't worry too much about the rankings. That stuff works itself out in the end anyway.
  6. Muenster has played a pretty tough schedule. Those krauts will be a factor in district & playoffs.
  7. Cooper is likely on a collision course with either Centerville or Corrigan-Camden in 2nd round. That would be a battle!
  8. I gotcha... it’s gonna be interesting.
  9. Well aware there’s some very good teams in this region
  10. If y'all get 2nd seed, then probably will be looking at an area round matchup against a good (probably undefeated) Cooper team. A Cooper vs Centerville or CC will be a pretty darn good battle. Can’t put the cart before the horse though. Lot of football to be played between now & then lol.
  11. Indians roll. Never thought I’d see Lone Oak be as bad as they are. That program is in a bad place right now.
  12. Would like to see Hooks win it, but I think the BRAHmas (not braymas lol) will be too much.
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