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  1. In some cases not even as far as the talent could carry. Take the 2013 season… as great of a season it was, it ended in embarrassing fashion losing to a 28 point underdog Leonard team.that team at worst should’ve played Cisco in the semi’s. 2014 team still had good talent left & they go 7-4 & lose to a bad Tom Bean team that didn't even make the playoffs & lose to a 5-5 Howe team in 1st round of playoffs. His tenure was littered with head scratching losses. It’s not like he had no talent to work with. A lot of his teams had that knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. He is a good man though & wish him luck at Cumby.
  2. I think realignment was really kind to the wolves & moved WC to region 2 into a new district. You’re right though, it’s gonna be a really interesting race between Pewitt, Cooper & HG. If somebody is gonna dethrone Cooper in district, they better do it this year. Dawgs will still be pretty dang good though.
  3. I’m pretty sure there’s a good number of the teams that were 2A when green was at Cooper are still 2A. I’m not sure any of the current 2A teams were 1A back then… if so, not many. They may have been 2A D2’s.
  4. There’s no shame in losing to Gunter. Lol Leonard…
  5. What happened with Bowman years back at Paris? Figured he was about to turn Paris into a power with the athletes they usually have. Didn't he only stay 1 year??
  6. Maybe they need to put asterisks by all these good seasons & undefeated district titles while Casto has been there. One of those was 3A. People need to give the man his due & stop trying to downplay it so much. I could be wrong, but I think Green was at Cooper for 11 years? Only 3 of those seasons were 3A I believe? majority of his tenure they were 2A. He’s a good man & would like to see him have success over at Cumby. Como is always gonna be a hard place to win at.
  7. He’s trying to channel his inner doomer
  8. I could be wrong, but I’m not sure there was a stat in that game that didn't favor Cooper. Cooper was in control of that game from start to finish. What will be hg’s excuse this year if they still don’t beat Cooper & win a district title with all those returning starters? undefeated district champs 2018,20,21,22,23… y'all got a lot of catching up to do lol
  9. Not near the talent level that’s in Cooper
  10. Not full of myself at all. I’m just confident that Cooper will still find a way to be at the top of the district. They’ve earned the benefit of the doubt IMO at this point until somebody can take that district title away. I stated that Pewitt is a good addition to the district & I don’t think they’ll be down long. Pewitt has too much tradition & usually good enough talent to be down very long. HG fans can keep hanging on to that jv game all they want. It doesn't mean they’ll beat Cooper this year. HG can have all the hype they want. Until they show otherwise, they're all hat & no cattle lol.
  11. You have the top 3 right, the order they finish will be interesting. Pewitt is a good addition to the district & I don’t expect Pewitt to stay down long. Cooper is graduating some good one’s & will have some holes to fill, but it’s not like they’ll be filling spots with scrubs & won’t still have talent. HG has a good athlete at QB & returns a bunch, but they returned the house last year & still couldn't win a district title. The district title runs through Cooper until it don’t.
  12. Is Cumby looking at GREENer pastures? Lol
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