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  1. Then Turner would insist on playing all three
  2. Just as bad and has been for 20 years now
  3. Then you’ll see a once proud and dominant program continue to erode away. Almost all of them need to go
  4. Unfortunately this does look like Gilmer, this is what Turner led Gilmer looks like.
  5. Those in denial will just say that this years team isn't as talented as years past. The truth is that the coaching staff ####. The truly sad part is that Turner took over a program that was already on top and he knew what it took to get there and stay there but instead he let it fall to mediocrity instead. Clean house and bring in someone who will hold these kids accountable, chew on their butts when they need it and not try to please everyone. Someone who will work the kids hard and play the best players. Turner isn't the man for the job and everyone knows it.
  6. The entire staff needs to go and they can take albritton and the school board with them
  7. No we don’t. Average isn’t good enough and we are average at best. That’s on Turner and his below average staff.
  8. Agreed, turner and most of the home grown Gilmer coaches need to go. Hire one of the coordinators from Carthage and let him hire a new staff.
  9. Gilmer hasn’t been hungry since Turner took over. In less than four years he has taken a powerhouse and reduced it to not even mediocre. He along with most of the coaching staff need to go.
  10. Great Job Turner and the rest of the Buckeye staff.
  11. Don't you have something to do, like maybe getting back to mowing Albritton's yard?
  12. Hey stupid, what did the elementary and intermediate score? I'll Wait. And you calling someone cheap, you probably don't even own property to pay taxes on
  13. The money that could have been used to properly maintain the existing school was going to the athletic program and Rick Albritton's pocket. It is still going to Albritton, which is a shame because the test scores are pretty bad especially at the lower levels. As for Turner hiring new coaches, it seems all he's done is hire ex Buckeyes and that's not working out very well.
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