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  1. Then Turner would insist on playing all three
  2. Just as bad and has been for 20 years now
  3. Then you’ll see a once proud and dominant program continue to erode away. Almost all of them need to go
  4. Unfortunately this does look like Gilmer, this is what Turner led Gilmer looks like.
  5. Those in denial will just say that this years team isn't as talented as years past. The truth is that the coaching staff ####. The truly sad part is that Turner took over a program that was already on top and he knew what it took to get there and stay there but instead he let it fall to mediocrity instead. Clean house and bring in someone who will hold these kids accountable, chew on their butts when they need it and not try to please everyone. Someone who will work the kids hard and play the best players. Turner isn't the man for the job and everyone knows it.
  6. The entire staff needs to go and they can take albritton and the school board with them
  7. No we don’t. Average isn’t good enough and we are average at best. That’s on Turner and his below average staff.
  8. Agreed, turner and most of the home grown Gilmer coaches need to go. Hire one of the coordinators from Carthage and let him hire a new staff.
  9. Gilmer hasn’t been hungry since Turner took over. In less than four years he has taken a powerhouse and reduced it to not even mediocre. He along with most of the coaching staff need to go.
  10. Great Job Turner and the rest of the Buckeye staff.
  11. Don't you have something to do, like maybe getting back to mowing Albritton's yard?
  12. Hey stupid, what did the elementary and intermediate score? I'll Wait. And you calling someone cheap, you probably don't even own property to pay taxes on
  13. The money that could have been used to properly maintain the existing school was going to the athletic program and Rick Albritton's pocket. It is still going to Albritton, which is a shame because the test scores are pretty bad especially at the lower levels. As for Turner hiring new coaches, it seems all he's done is hire ex Buckeyes and that's not working out very well.
  14. The Gilmer program has gone down hill ever since Turner took over. Most of the good coaches are gone and were replaced by local Gilmer guys. Traylor left and Turner and the school board have allowed what Traylor built to be run into the ground. Being ranked 5th is a joke, they should be 0-3 right now and looking at 0-5. For all of you Turner supporters, ever wonder why Van didn't hire him some years back? Most people didn't mind the resources being poured into the athletic program as long as they were winning and dominant. Those days are long gone, all Gilmer is left with now is a mediocre program and HIGHER TAXES. enjoy
  15. I wouldn't call it a meltdown, most of us have seen it coming for a while.
  16. Gilmer has regressed every year since Turner took over at every level. He is a good coach but shouldn't be a HC. There is a reason Van didn't hire him some years back when he interviewed for the position. We have had good coaches leave and they just get replaced with local boys that wont hold the kids accountable and are more worried about being their friends. Turner has been here long enough to see what it took to reach and maintain that level of success but has allowed it to erode to mediocrity. On another note, Jeff Traylor is gone so Rick Albritton should do everyone in GISD a favor and take a major paycut. He only made that much so the HC/AD didn't have a higher salary. The taxpayers are fed up with him as well.
  17. You are right about that Mabank game 36gut, absolutely miserable. Some foolish couple had a very young baby out in that weather. I talking almost newborn age. They sat right in front of us and all I could think about was how stupid they had to be to bring that baby out in that sleet and wind.
  18. Hard to get excited since Traylor left, under Turner the program has regressed every year and pretty soon will be just another average team.
  19. Snowbird, you are the one that brought it up and obvious that you have a personal connection with last years starter. It really doesn't matter if I were a water boy or an all American. I may not have even played for all you know. I do know this, you can't name a season within the last 20 years that had worse qb play. If you believe there are only a few people that felt that way then you are fooling yourself and there are several coaches that feel the same way. Bottom line, there were better choices last season and it probably cost us another title. I have no connection to any of those kids so I am unbiased unlike you. He was pretty good at handing the ball off and throwing pick sixes and that's about it so shut up about it and worry about this season. I am done with it, and am glad last year is over.
  20. Give it a break snowbird, everyone in Gilmer knows that Poppy or Rice should have started last year. If either of those two were playing we have another state title in Gilmer. Last year we had the worst qb play in Gilmer in the last 20 years and still went 14-1.
  21. Did Henderson even make the playoffs? I mean, they do take 4 teams these days so if you can't get in the playoffs you must be really bad.....
  22. Turnovers and penalties have plagued Gilmer all year and it finally caught up with us. You cant keep throwing pick sixes and win against a good team like Celina.
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