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  1. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits ticked higher last week, hitting the highest level in nine months — the latest sign that the historically tight labor market is starting to cool off.
  2. All murders are hate crimes regardless who is doing the killing
  3. Abney High School IN Waskom this is the Abney Panthers the last all Black Football Team school colors was blue I believe
  4. I think the democrats are bigger idiots than I thought, if they removed Trump from 2024 that will leave DeSantis a far better Candidate and one without all the baggage.
  5. It is not good to do that to a x president, when you start chasing after the other party you are inviting revenge, you will not be in power forever and invite the same down the line.
  6. There is nobody more sick than the lying idiot Dana Milbank and the left wing rag the washington post people who read article from the rag are brainwashed dimwits searching for anything to justify their pitiful world view. Now that is sick
  7. Under President Trump, the black unemployment rate fell to historically low levels, a fact that Democrats and the media never acknowledged. This week, Democrats, the media and the Biden administration are bragging about the new jobs report, but failed to mention that the black unemployement rate is going up. It’s amazing how selective they can be with the facts when it serves their purposes. Townhall reports: Labor Participation Drops in July As Black Unemployment Increases The United States Department of Labor reported on Friday that 528,000 jobs were added in July, reducing the unemployment rate to 3.5 percent, down 0.1 percent from June’s read and a significant increase from the 372,000 jobs added in June. July’s report outlined better economic news with several metrics returning to their pre-pandemic levels, but still showed that there are 900,000 more Americans who are not in the labor force but want a job compared to February 2020. This is the key passage: And while the Biden administration has been obsessed with diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Biden economy saw black unemployment tick up in July, from 5.8 percent to 6.0 percent — even while unemployment rates for other demographics decreased. To their credit, CNBC actually mentioned this:
  8. If you are talking about number 7 from Waskom that would be D.J. Feaster he was considered the fastest Waskom had last year. He graduated.
  9. If I can get my 70 thousand back on my 401K I would say that part is looking about even, its going to collapse and you know it there is a price that is going to be paid I just hope they can cure inflation, since I am retired I hope for the workers sake employment will stay low and jobs plentiful with as many undocumented illegals coming in there will be a lot of competition for work, most likely cheap jobs.
  10. Yes the democrats had the same view about Cheney
  11. I am afraid with these loons running the show it will not last, the economy will collapse under the weight of massive spending and inflation, gasoline prices will rise again once the oil reserved are expended.
  12. I will say they have some interesting move ins from SouthWood and Fort Worth. One will be a Senior the other a Sophomore. One is speedy and the other slow but big.
  13. Phoenix is like the Austin of Arizona maybe not quite as bad
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