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  1. It sells a narrative that they want you to believe, doesn't matter if it is true or not
  2. We have only one freshman playing varsity because of the big Senior class we have this year, so any freshman on varsity would probably not get the playing time the JV provides, they need the snaps. I understand having to play younger players if the positions are open on the varsity.
  3. Waskom has 18 seniors so they are not young but they are very inexperienced on offense and it has shown early on. New Diana is not nearly as bad as last years team and Waskom is not nearly as good as last years team so the score was pretty predictable. I watch EF games against Queen City and it was a good game for them as QC is a team if you are struggling can give you a little confidence and EF gained that confidence from that game. I look for the Waskom/EF game to be a good one might even be close. The next four years might be interesting because Waskom has a very solid and high scoring JV team we will see how the JV teams do against each other Thursday that might be a barometer to the next 4 years. Just my thoughts for what they are worth.
  4. Both teams not as strong as in past years but looks to be a good game anyhow. Both coaches will have their first game against each other as AD.
  5. They won't enjoy Waskom very much either
  6. I am hoping Trump don't run and DeSantis does but in either case they are far and above better than what he have right now
  7. First of all nobody buys Barry's narrative that religious people are celebrating the plight of the illegal immigrate, its just a liberals way of changing the subject from massive law breaking entrance into the USA to the incompetence of the Biden progressive change at the border, lawlessness doesn't matter unless it is the rich woke folks in Mass. Christian do more to help these people than the idiots writer of this article ever would do, Christians pay for it out of other Christian denotations where as this writer would have it paid for out of local funds IE government taxes.
  8. Sure which ones all but one is losing money, Fix Rate Bonds along with the S&P 500 all are losing money, but I only lose if I withdraw. Stability Fund is a interest account and it makes a cool 15 dollars everyday not much but very safe
  9. Almost all article are OP-EDs in one way or the other you just need to learn the difference
  10. Most Christians adhere to the law of the land and follow those laws and expect others to do the same, religious people for the most part are not even saved they just say I am religious thinking that will save them. The article is a load of BS Barry go troll somewhere else
  11. Shortsighted Democrats Harm Voters—Especially Their Own Leftists should think ahead before destroying the filibuster. By Sean Ross Callaghan September 19, 2022 Ahallmark of adulthood is thinking ahead. Since the year 2000, Democrats have refused to think ahead, and it’s been the cause of the country’s most pressing problems. Although Republicans are favored to carry the coming midterms, suppose they don’t. Should Democrats gain just two more seats in the Senate and keep control of the House, leftists will think they have achieved their dream but, in truth, they will wake up into a nightmare. And the country will get more of the calamities shortsighted Democrats have already caused. Consider the contested 2020 election. Democrats started the modern practice of contesting elections. They have sought to throw out electoral votes for every Republican elected president since 2000. When 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald Trump, she called his win “illegitimate.” Then she helped convince two-thirds of her voters that she lost only because Russia hacked voting machines. Had Democrats thought ahead, they might have foreseen that Republicans would react in kind and contest the election of the next Democratic president. But Democrats didn’t care. They treated our institutions as a frustrated toddler treats an uncooperating toy. Consider also the seditious riots Democrats encouraged during the summer of 2020—arguably the most destructive and widespread in over half a century. At least 25 people died. Citizens pleaded for help. The White House came under attack. Democrats responded by calling the protests just, the police racist, and all efforts to quell the riots fascist. Joe Biden slinked into his basement. And Kamala Harris helped bail rioters out of jail. Had Democrats thought ahead, they might have foreseen that Republican voters would react with a protest of their own—and that it might get out of hand, just as the election protest at the Capitol did. But Democrats didn’t care. Shortsighted Democrats caused the country nightmares. Now, Democrats plan to cause nightmares for their own voters. To make up for the moderates fleeing a Democratic Party intoxicated on bizarre philosophies and agitating to censor and suppress those with mainstream views on race and sex, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris seek to gin up votes along their leftist flank. They are promising leftists that Democrats will break the Senate supermajority rule, also called the filibuster, to pass two laws that only leftists want: one to guarantee no-reason mail-in voting and another to guarantee no-excuse abortion up till birth. Leftists thinking ahead should see that the Democrats’ foolish plan will bring them only crushing defeats. Democrats first started banging away at the filibuster nine years ago, when then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) threw a tantrum over some judges Republicans refused to vote for. Few remember the judges Reid muscled onto lower federal courts. But, everyone remembers Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett who followed. Leftists especially. It didn’t have to be that way. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), now the minority leader, told Reid what would happen: once Reid rolled back the filibuster for some judicial nominations, Republicans would roll it back for the rest. Reid didn’t care. Then, when McConnell led the Senate, Justice Antonin Scalia died. McConnell held Scalia’s seat open because without the filibuster, the 2016 election was to be an all-or-nothing gamble on who would pick Scalia’s successor. Trump and McConnell won. Reid had banged his toy on the floor—and it broke. The filibuster is now gone for judicial nominations, but it remains for ordinary legislation. That includes all the awesome power Congress can exercise. The Civil Rights Acts. The Voting Rights Act. The Social Security Act. The filibuster protects such legislation from repeal and ensures that future legislation of such importance is popular enough to garner a supermajority of votes. Yet, for the sake of just two ordinary bills, Democrats now promise to roll back the filibuster. McConnell already told Democrats what they’ll get instead: bills on unions, on abortion, on guns, on immigration—all written by Republicans alone. That means a wall, a ban on federal dollars going to abortion mills, a nationwide ban on abortion after some commonsense number of weeks’ gestation with an exception only for a mother’s life. All these laws would be popular enough with most Americans, but they’d be nightmares for leftists. And for what? Roe v. Wade might still be law today had Harry Reid thought ahead in 2013. Yet abortion—which only a tiny sliver of women ever seek—is still legal in the most dire situations in every state, most cases in most states, and all cases in several. Everyone with the right to vote can vote. Leftists have nothing to gain and everything to lose—and sooner than they may realize. In 2024, nine vulnerable Democrats are up for reelection in the Senate while at most only one Republican is, and neither Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, nor any other potential Democratic presidential nominee is likely to beat President Trump or Governor Ron DeSantis. Betting markets show a Republican being the next president. Leftist wins from breaking the filibuster will be reversed, and a cavalcade of crushing defeats will follow. “Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point,” Ebenezer Scrooge wailed out to the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, “answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?” That’s a question leftists should ask Joe Biden and Kamala Harris about the Democrats’ childish filibuster plans. It’s a question adults should answer on November 8. TwitterFacebookParler
  12. Sanctuary Cities are not really sanctuary cities they are virtue signaling cities when the fat meets the pan they are all talk and no action
  13. I like Smoaky polls the only thing I don't like is the poll that won't show who voted and how, I know who the homers are I want the experts point of view and usually that is not the homers
  14. Then they need to quit voting dimwit and also watch who they are voting for on the GOP side also
  15. Yes left wing loons do a lot of editing when it comes to the scriptures
  16. It should be obvious, he is anti-American and most of the media who have a staff of fact checkers only fact check the ones who question the low life reprobate Biden
  17. Lumberton fixing to get a dose of the triple option, Tatum has been getting better running it and look very good
  18. Had a friend play at Leverett Chapel in 1973 said that a guy named Bobby Mitchell from Big Sandy ran him over on the kick off and last thing he remembers as they took him off was the score was like 82- 0
  19. New Diana last won 21-14 in 2019 Waskom has won the last two meetings
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