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  1. I guess it doesn't really make a difference to Baker but we are facing a right handed pitcher, normally you put your left handed batters in the lineup 1. Alvarez on bench 2. Brantley on bench 3. Singleton on the bench which is ok cause he can't hit but he is playing Moldy who can't hit either. Worst possible lineup and a very important game.
  2. Baker here is how it works in a close game 7th Neris, 8th Abreu 9th Pressly no Montero anytime unless we are up by 10 runs or down by 10 runs
  3. Hopefully Baker will be gone next year Abreu has been a disaster and I guess Bakers want the world to know it
  4. That might be the kiss of death but you have been doing pretty good on your picks I hope your right
  5. The numbers are hitting low in High School right now, I was checking to see if it was all over the Waskom school and was told the elementary was way up in numbers, of course that doesn't help right now...
  6. I don't know Waskom should win, we have a lot of issues, defense is weak, offense is up and down, plus grades come out this week and we don't have a lot of extra players to make up for those who can't do homework. I would not be surprised if Waskom has to eliminate the JV in order to man up for varsity only. ND has a pretty good QB who can throw and run, Waskom has a problem with a running QB. We are very young and our mistake are hard to overcome.
  7. Pickems.... Cushing Hull-Daisetta Newton Woodville Jasper Jefferson Hempstead Chilton Acadiana Christian Garrison Timpson Groveton Lovelady Shelbyville Sabine Pass Hemphill Coldspring Madisonville East Texas Home School Malakoff Harleton Elkhart Tidehaven Carlisle Forney Whitehouse Waskom Silsbee
  8. New Diana Eagles come into the Waskom stadium undefeated, Waskom was defeated badly by the highly ranked and talented team in Timpson while the Eagles are coming off a 35-28 win over Redwater a team Waskom lost to 44-40 in the season opener. Waskom is considered a 1 point favorite but has struggled on defense this could be a high scoring game, both teams need the victory to finish at least 3rd in district.
  9. I think the Astros are going through their hitting funk and run scoring funk and pitching funk and bad lineup funk and losing to bad teams funk.
  10. Nate was the only guy left from last year and he was only a freshman I knew we would be in trouble our JV team from last year is now varsity and if they can hold together they will be good, but right now it will be a struggle. Timpson has a good team with lots of speed I realize also we scored on y'all second team which also has some good players on it.
  11. Good game Timpson even though we took a butt whipping it was a pleasure to see a state ranked team, probably in my view you will get that championship this year. Here to you
  12. Pigskin has Center picked by 4 points
  13. I think the most that Waskom ever had out was around 60 when Keeling was here but for most of the time we where between 50 and 55 which is plenty. Right now Waskom has about 40 at the most around 20 to 21 on varsity and the rest on JV
  14. Waskom numbers in football coincide with a drop in numbers in High School. Waskom is running about 240 in High School, around 2012 through about 2020 numbers where well above 280 and as high as 325. Waskom will drop in classification this year and maybe stay down for 4 years, but those numbers will be going back up after that with large elementary classes coming up in a few years.
  15. I know one thing if I purchased a ticket to the last two games I would have been highly disappointed.
  16. He has been a real deal at QB since the 7th grade. He is very good at running with the ball from the spread formation, don't know how he is at slinging the ball but he can run with the pigskin
  17. Pigskin says MV by 8 of course Pigskin said Waskom by 11 last week
  18. 3 hit shutout by the worst team in the majors. All these Cy Young pitchers that the A's have....
  19. Question I am showing Chester playing Richman Springs Coyotes has that game been changed to Chester verses the other you have listed @RETIREDFAN1
  20. Pickems this week: Overton Cushing Chester Warren Woodville Franklin Mart Coldspring Anderson Shiro Garrison Groveton Hardin Lovelady Anahuac Timpson West Sabine Diboll Kirbyville West Orange -Stark Coolidge Rice Harleton Edgewood Rice Consolidated Longview Chapel Hill
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