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  1. It’s hard to improve on Nobel-winning economist Milton Friedman’s insight in a now-famous 1970 column in the New York Times Magazine: “There is one and only one social responsibility of business — to use its resources and engage in activities designed to improve its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open and free competition, without deception and fraud.”
  2. Woke’ U.S. Companies Relearn An Old Lesson: Profits Before PoliticsI & I ^ | May 27, 2022 | I & I Editorial Board In recent years, a rash of companies suddenly discovered a new “woke” identity, taking sides with the left in America’s ongoing cultural civil war. Now, after a powerful popular backlash, many of those same companies are retreating from the fight. Smart move. Companies have apparently discovered that Instapundit’s oft-quoted rhyme, “Get woke, go broke,” isn’t a joke. It’s more like an economic truism. Americans, it seems, don’t like having their cherished cultural, personal, religious and moral beliefs belittled, diminished and ridiculed by the very corporations they do business with. The latest company to suffer for its wokeness is State Farm, not exactly known for its cutting-edge social activism. And yet, its recent foray into identity politics through a partnership with a group called The Gender Cool Project alarmed even its own employees with its alienating message to customers. The “partnership” was intended to donate books on transgenderism and gender fluidity to schools in an effort to “increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, empowering, and important conversations with children Age 5+.” But “after the CEO reportedly heard from more than 2,000 independent State Farm agents nationwide (and probably a flood of customers), the company announced that it was ending its partnership with The GenderCool Project,” as RedState reported. So much for Woke Insurance. Similar things are happening across the country, as companies get woke to a different reality: Americans largely don’t like companies meddling in politics and social issues, and prefer not to be lectured by woke CEOs about raising their children. The trend has picked up speed following a relentless stock market sell-off in in recent weeks. (Excerpt) Read more at issuesinsights.com ...
  3. Cuellar is anti-abortion and that is a anomaly in the dimwit party but most Hispanics are anti-abortion
  4. Unless something happens I don't think this district will go to the GOP wasn't many folks that voted in the GOP primary. Only difference in the two is one is almost a communist and the other is
  5. I have a firearm and don't hunt anymore, never did hunt much anyhow but I do have a 20 gauge automatic and its purpose is strictly to blow you way if you try to enter my home and hurt my family. That is the only purpose I have for it and maybe to run a few animals off that don't need to be around the house.
  6. Will be hard to do better, Waskom lost all but two starters on offense. Have new coaches coming in except for a couple. Had a very good JV team so there is a lot of questions to be answered.
  7. This is about as depressing as it can be, prayers for the kids and teachers that had to go through this tangled mess of mental depravity where a person with a firearm thinks it is ok to kill folks who can't even fight back.
  8. Salvador Romas,18, killed multiple children and a teacher at an elementary school in Uvalde, a small city located 80 miles west of San Antonio, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said https://www.foxnews.com/us/uvalde-texas-robb-elementary-school-active-shooter
  9. Hate is a very bad thing to have in your heart, Bush attacking Iraq and all the killing that went on will leave some folks looking for revenge, this guy had a chance at a new life and throwed it all away because of hate.
  10. If you put down the right statues you can be white
  11. I can think of some good black folks who could use the recognition instead of a career criminal. Progressive's will recognize the devil himself if it furthers their twisted narrative
  12. If it is spread like they say it is it could possibly wipe out most of the CNN men news commentators
  13. That' funny he didn't want to answer that, he would vote to end the life after the baby was born
  14. Gov. DeSantis announces largest budget surplus in Florida history The Florida governor touted the success of his state's economy during a press conference today in West Palm Beach. By Juan Mendoza AP Photo/John Raoux, File Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference at the Retro Fitness gym in West Palm Beach on May 20, 2022 to announce the largest budget surplus in the state’s history. The state has access to $20 billion USD for the 2022 fiscal year. He also announced that Florida is registering almost 45 percent of the market share of overseas traveling, the highest rate in the country and the highest ever recorded, beating out New York which previously had the highest numbers. DeSantis went on to announce the jobs report for April, with the unemployment rate in the state being 3 percent, which has been lower than the national average for 17 consecutive months. DeSantis also discussed how Florida was protecting workers from vaccine mandates by not implementing the policy in the state and allowing people to keep their jobs if they chose to not get vaccinated or boosted. "That is not acceptable in Florida. People have the right to make their decisions on this and it should not be tied to their ability to earn a living," stated DeSantis. Business owners and truck drivers thanked DeSantis for his policies that ensured their establishments the ability to work freely and without any vaccine mandates. “If you want to work, come to Florida. This is the place,” said the chef of Voodo Bayou, a cajun restaurant in the state. Dane Eagle, secretary of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, also announced that the state has the most net migration in the United States due to Governor DeSantis' policies. DeSantis finished by announcing that he will sign a bill to penalize contractors dropping illegal migrants off in the state and will make more announcements regarding illegal immigration in the next couple of weeks.
  15. Democrats are complete racists, both historically and today. They began as the party of slavery during the Civil War and racism through the Jim Crow era. That's something they would like to keep a secret. Couldn't agree more and have said it many times myself
  16. That is a good sign, it did not start that way in the beginning of the night but as the night went by a lot of GOP vote started to come in strong
  17. You have to be a reporter not a demagogue, that is what passes for Rolling Stone news department
  18. I would put the RollingStone Mag in the same category as the shooter that being haters
  19. A certified wack job, the death penalty is made for people like him and if they don't have the death penalty then life without parole, looking out at the world behind bars for the rest of your life that young and wondering what have I done.
  20. Dimwit logic you can't be against abortion and be for the death penalty, he fails to see one is innocent and one is guilty
  21. Just about all the Astros pitchers have been doing good lately with this 10 game winning streak
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