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  1. Prayers to the young man from New Diana that was carted off the field.
  2. ND Cheerleaders will put on a great show!
  3. I can guarantee the ND band will be the best at the game tonight. The football game will stay very close until kickoff. After that it will be a battle of a very young team vs. a team just getting started. It will be interesting to see who wants this game more and who gets their 1st win of the season.
  4. ND wins by 1/2 a point. The bears run up and down the field all.game. They score when they want to with the run. :06 seconds befor the half, ND throws a pass that is bobbled in the defenders hands an caught by the receiver. He races 86 yards to be caught at the 1/2 yard line and tackled as time expires Late in the 4th, Nd catches a pass and thinks they go the distance for a a score to win baut ante again talckeld at the 1/2 yard line. But hold the horses There is a penalty for holding. Now there is an untimed down. Nd throws a Td for the win. ND WIN. ND WINS.
  5. AGood luck to both teams. Go Eagles
  6. Well played game by both teams. Looks like it is the Eagles year this year. Keep it up!
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