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  1. Not anymore, change of heart! I see it being 7-3 now lol
  2. I see this being a high scoring game. Rusk has shown that they're capable of playing good defense, but too much inconsistency lately.
  3. Rusk 33/Alvarado 30 game turned into a good game. Defensive battle early, with some fireworks late.
  4. You know as well as anybody, every game takes a life of it's own. Teams play down to their opponents, starters sit out, etc... only thing that matters is the win at the end of the day.
  5. That DB was a Freshman as well. I thought the coverage was fine, but BIG TIME PLAYERS MAKE BIG TIME PLAYS!
  6. Coach Sitton and crew, seems to have the boys buying into the culture change. I have been impressed with how hard they having been playing this year. Looking forward to watching some district games when the competition level increases.
  7. I voted for Jasper, because I thought they were the better team. I was definitely pulling for Center. After watching some film on Center, I thought you guys would be able to use a balanced attack against Jasper. You guys came out with the pass early last Friday, I wasn't expect that.
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