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  1. Not being able to coach kids in the summer in basketball. Give coaches 2 team camps each summer that they can coach them. Same in 7 on 7 tournaments in football.
  2. Could some one post all scores of all the games played in Edgewood basketball tourney played this weekend?
  3. Does anyone have any results and the Saturday schedule of the Quitman basketball tourney?
  4. Hooks is airing up the basketballs. That's really what they've been best at the last decade!
  5. Unfortunately Hooks is a flop this year! PP will win at home.
  6. No chatter on this one....Which will be the bigger fight, football or the bands?
  7. Hooks doesn't care about those games remember! There are ok with teaching the younger kids to lose! Lol
  8. No, you said those games didn't matter! Read your post!
  9. Are you serious! It means something to the 7/8/Jv players I would hope! If it doesn't mean anything to you stay at home! Those guys will be your varsity soon! Wow, dumbest post I've ever seen!
  10. How did this district end up? Hooks vs NB?
  11. That's because they play year round "daddy ball" and don't take any breaks. Half of the good players won't play in high school because they are burnt out!
  12. Where did the old AD/Head football coach go?
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