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  1. Ever since Witt went down the Texas baseball team has been a shell of what they started the season as, it is really disappointing.
  2. At this point, ESPN is just doing this for clickbait.
  3. Texas takes 2 of 3 from OU after coming back from 6 down in the 7th today to take the series.
  4. They’ve always depended on Pitching and Defense, now it’s the offense. Times have changed, but man can they swing it, Stehly, Melendez, and Faltine are on fire.
  5. Rangers sign free agent pitchers Martin Perez and Brandon Workman. Also they sent IKF to the Twins for Catcher Mitch Garver.
  6. UCLA is a solid team and they were bound to lose eventually. Now it’s time to see how the team responds to a loss, got 2 with Texas St and a weekend series with South Carolina this week.
  7. Deep pitching staff will carry this team, not shocking to see the offense go cold this weekend. When the weather is cold so are the bats.
  8. Another shutout for the Texas pitching staff.
  9. Also, the Texas Baseball Alumni game was today, which means the season is almost here!
  10. I think 2 OL see significant time in Campbell and Banks. Agbo and Williams need some conditioning, while Robertson and Hutson need a RS.
  11. Also got a transfer from Vandy who could factor in somewhere on the INF.
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