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  1. Texas continues to play to the level of their opponents
  2. Not sure how many missed sacks there has been for Texas.
  3. Bruce Feldman is saying 2-3 weeks for Ewers.
  4. Depends on who the QB is in my opinion.
  5. Bama looking like the Cowboys with all these penalties.
  6. He wasn’t fully down, Big 12 refs are awful still.
  7. Well I wanted a close game with no injuries. Sadly only one of those things is happening so far.
  8. Went and read some of the other boards and they say the same thing regarding Hodo and Faltine. It’s going to be a completely different team next year.
  9. Interested to see what the draft does to Texas and what holes they fill with the portal. I think the entire OF will return in Kennedy, Hodo, and Campbell. Middle infield should be back in Faltine and Daly. Pitching will be a mystery.
  10. Trade ND for Arkansas and that would be an interesting side of the bracket with Texas, OU, Arkansas, and A&M.
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