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  1. Yes, he played there and was the DC under Owens.
  2. Just a thought for baseball purposes. Texas is always losing top guys to the draft, but with the new NILs this could help kids come to UT instead of going pro. The money would be very similar unless they go top 10.
  3. Pass, kid is not a good locker room fit in my opinion. Besides, he made the Texas D look good when he played amd they were awful.
  4. Rangers making a splash this off-season including spending half a billion on the middle infield with Semein and Seager.
  5. He still has 2 more years, only a junior and still has the free covid year too.
  6. Texas ends the 6 game losing streak! Thank goodness it's over...
  7. Honest question for fans of other teams, how many of the starters for Texas would you want on your team besides Worthy and Bijan?
  8. I will be mad if someone doesn't get fired from that performance.
  9. Think Ehlinger disguised a lot of the OL problems the last few years, if the play broke down he took off and got something. Now Texas doesn't have that.
  10. Drop ball after drop ball! OL gives you no time and WRs can't catch it!
  11. I now know how @LOLfelt all those years with Mike Stoops at DC, playing his CBs 10 yards off the ball every down. SMH
  12. Looks like it'll be 1. Cooper 2. Celeste 3. Wolfe City 4. AG
  13. Defense is holding strong. But Texas lacks playmakers on O, especially at WR. All you have is Worthy with Whittington out. Baylor will not let Bijan beat them.
  14. Card also had quite a few drops in the Arkansas game that would have help out. At least 3 were deep balls if I remember correctly.
  15. Same old Texas. They snck until they don't and they are losers until they aren't.
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