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  1. Yes since both Newton and WOS border the Lousiana line id say that they are East Texas. Can't go any farther east than those two.
  2. Hey Panther can you spell "Newton wins"?
  3. Oops I saw another mistake. You said it's instead of its. They have adult English classes. You should look into it sometime.
  4. Well since you are a grammar guru you should know that placing an apostrophe in (lot's) makes it possessive. It should be "lots". I don't want you to look foolish while you are educating us ignorant folk.
  5. Panther, your quote on page 2 about Newton's coach "must be a junior high coach or something" is the stupidest post I've ever seen. They are running the same system that they've won 3 titles with and also a state appearance. 500 yds is 500 yds no matter how its done. Why throw if you can run. I'll take a 500 yd rushing game any day. SMH . You must be a Pop Warner dad coach........ or something.
  6. Congrats to Yoe on the win. Go represent Region 3!
  7. I agree. Every teacher that I know voted for Abbott over abortion Barbie
  8. Ok I have been stewing on whether to respond to this and I have a much different take. First, Congrats to Rockdale on a hard fought victory. You guys earned it! I have nothing but respect for this team. Yes Rockdale came out guns blazing and Kirbyville looked like they were stuck in the mud. Rockdale jumped out to,a two score lead but Kirbyville responded two make it 13-7. Rockdale answered to go in the half up 20-7. But Kirbyvilles defense held Rockdale scoreless on two possessions inside the 20. Kirbyville gave Rockdale the short field several times as a result of bad punts and poorly laying a pooch kick.. Rockdale definitely had the momentum. The second half Kirbville played much better and Kirbville seemed in control with the momentum. This game came down to the very last play. If Kirbyvilles receiver doesn't drop the ball in the end zone they at least send it to overtime and possibly win it in regulation with a successful 2pt try. Yes Rockdale had some injuries but they were the result of a hard fought game. There were some monster hits out there on both sides. Kirbyvilles main receiver was in crutches and their main tailback left the game and had to leave by ambulance after the game. So we both had key injuries. But that's not an excuse as injuries are part of the game. You guys earned the bragging rights as you were the victors. But this was an evenly fought ball game and one of the best I've seen. Both sides left it all on the field. Rockdale was one of the classiest schools I've ever seen. I wish them luck in the future. Kirbyville will return most everybody next year as they are mainly composed of sophomores and juniors. Maybe we will see y'all again. I wish I could make the trip to see the Rockdale/Yoe game. I'm sure it will be a great game.
  9. The Rockdale/Kirbyville game was a great one coming down to a tight finish. Wildcats driving on the 7 yd line but couldn't score. An exciting ballgame to watch. Just what fans want in a playoff game. My hat is off to Rockdale on the win. Good luck to both Cameron and Rockdale. Hoping that the winner takes home the title to represent Region 3!
  10. Great season for the Kirbyville Wildcats. Took it down to the finish but came up short. Good luck to both Rockdale and Cameron. Whoever wins go represent Region 3!
  11. Hardin Jefferson. Located just outside of Beaumont
  12. When a team loses the best thing to say is Congrats and great game. Wish you luck in the next round. Anything else looks like excuses. Everybody has injuries and everyone gets calls against them. Turnovers, injuries, and calls are all a part of this great game. Even saying that " we played badly" disrespects your opponent. I don't ever want to lose because of any of those reasons. The only way I can accept it is if we simply meet a better team. I can live with that. Good luck to all . Also, we beat each other up on here but SETX loves to be a part of the best region in football, Region 3! From round 1 on these teams are tough! When Smoaky is slow we welcome all of you to come post on Setxsports.
  13. Hope that its a great action filled game with no injuries.
  14. Kirbyville, Jasper, and Newton but I just love football so Il go see anyone play.
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